Capture decran 2016 10 12 a 11.57.13On Thursday 6th October, Marc Rozenblat, General Director of CDU and President of the Smart City Alliance, organized a conference about LIFI in the City.

It was the first conference about LIFI, a technological revolution broadcasting data through light. Its future and its practical use were discussed.

The event was a success. A few important names attended the presentation: Philippe Yvin, President of the Société du Grand Paris Executive Committee, Valérie Pécresse, President of the Ile-de-France Region and Patrick Ollier, President of the Greater Paris Metropolis, who announced the creation of a LIFI working group, in collaboration with the SLA.

The inventor of LIFI, Suat Topsu, who also created Odelcomm, the LIFI pioneer company, presented his researches as well as fonctional equipments: the audience witnessed the 1st Skype call through light!

LIFI, transforming lightning systems into communication networks, could integrate the everyday life of the Smart City inhabitants. Experiments for its use have been announced: in the Camille Claudel Neighbourhood, Palaiseau, LIFI is tested for the 1st time indoors. Other projects of this kind are also in progress. The CEO of the Grand Paris amménagement, Thierry Lajoie, announced that LIFI would be a part of every GPA actions by 2018, to become "the 1st Smart-Region in France"!

Leaders in different fields (Greater Paris, metro, electricity...) participating to the conference confirmed their interest and talked about projects to concretly use LIFI. Those promises for a connected capital could definitely confirm France as a mondial leader for this technology. 

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