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INTD17On the 28th of June 2017, INTI will organise the second edition of the International New Town Day. In the light of present and demanding challenges posed - worldwide - by the migration phenomena, this year's conference will examine the New Towns as Cities of Comings and Goings: what is their identity, culture and diversity as places where people migrate to and from?

Co-organized with the Academy of Urbanism and the Municipality of Milton Keynes on the occasion the city’s 50th Anniversary, the event will bring together an astonishing range of new cities’ representatives and experts from all over the world.

Our cities are more and more becoming ‘Cities of Comings and Goings’ with a population that is not static, but growing and shrinking and increasingly mobile. Not only the refugee crisis has taught us this lesson, but also the increasing amount of international students, expats, economic migrants, asylum seekers and foreign workers. Now that we’re experiencing new waves of migration and dynamic living in cities becomes more and more ubiquitous, we can recognize migration as a permanent force in our cities.

On International New Town Day we will examine Presents & Futures of New Towns as Cities of Comings and Goings.

Presents: How can we understand and analyze the present New Towns, reflecting on their identity, culture and diversity as places where people have migrated to and from? What narratives can we construct that include the dynamics and the diversity of its population and its culture?

Futures: what futures can we think of for our New Towns? With the perspective of migration as a permanent phenomenon, how can New Towns better adjust and anticipate to these developments?

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