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VillesNouvellesAfriqueWith a shared will to work on the new challenges for New Towns in Africa, the Al Omrane Group and the Festival Association of the new town Tamesna organized an international conference: “New Towns in Africa : crossed views”, on the 16 and 17 March.

Following the success of this conference, the Al Omrane Group and the Festival Association of the new town Tamesna decided to create an Association for New Towns in Africa. INTA is welcoming this new association, and looking forward collaboration.

This shared initiative has taken place in circumstances where Morocco has reintegrated the African Union. This event pushed public and private instances as well as civil society to mobilize to consolidate this strategic decision and revitalize the pan-African relations.

The conference also address a tendency shared by the majority of African countries: the creation of New Towns. Since the beginning of this century, the urban policies in African countries, Morocco included, have shown a strong orientation toward the creation of these cities, under several names, to face the expansion of urbanization. This tendency has multiples stakes for the continent future.

It puts the housing right of African citizens at the heart of the Debate, especially for the poorest citizens. The conference took a special interest in the accuracy of new towns creation. A choice, or a must, that are pushing transnational firms to be interested on this new investment market that is going through a substantial evolution.

What’s more, the Conference also aimed to be an occasion to start a debate on the results of this strategy for a reexamination of African policies on New Towns, facing the challenges that are brought by the strong urbanization phenomenon in Africa.

So, the starting question of this encounter is questioning the integration role that those cities could play in the reinforcing of the Africa territorial cohesion overall.

The aims of the conference were the following :

  • Analyze the situation and the tendency of the New Towns policies in Africa
  • Exchange experiences on planning and governance in the new towns in Africa
  • Promote a South South Cooperation in new towns policies by African countries
  • Consolidate the state of the Civil Society working in new towns for a sustainable urban development


The newly created association will treat these challenges, and as so is joining INTA questioning.

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