GlobalUtmaningConferenceThe Swedish independent think tank Global Utmaning (Global Challenge), is organizing a full-day conference Localizing Global Agendas - Social focus key to leave no one behind, on 20 June 2017  from 9:30 to 16:30, at Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm. It will highlight success factors and strategies to deliver on Sustainable Development Goals, and particularly how national policies can serve as tools for local implementation. It will be moderated by Johan Hassel, CEO Global Utmaning, member 2030 Agenda Delegation.

Christer Larsson, Board Member of INTA, will be discussing about the local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal at a local level. The whole subject of the Conference is very close to the work of INTA, especially its Initiative Act 2 - Cities and territories in transformation, launched recently.

Sweden is considered to be one of the countries in the best position to deliver on the 2030 Agenda and reach the Sustainable Development Goals, including the global climate agreement and the New Urban Agenda. Sweden has also committed to taking leadership for sustainable development in the coming decades, by initiating a high-level group "champions" group of nine countries.

Local implementation of the global agendas will be key, in Sweden as well as globally. While many actors and institutions have taken on independent roles to lead the way forward – national leadership must be strengthened and adequately prioritise, minimise obstacles, and support local implementation. By leading the way at home, Sweden can be a global source of inspiration, show good examples and provide tools to support local implementation globally.

This is the occasion to launch the new Global Utmaning anthology report 12 Global Health Threats - From Evidence to Policy. It calls for a social and local focus in the implementation of the global agendas, in order to leave no one behind. The conference is organised together with a wide range of Swedish and global actors and will gather a large multi-stakeholder participation. Ultimately, we will discuss how national policies and recommendations can serve as tools for local implementation.

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