CoursGrandParisThe first free online class on Greater Paris is offered by the Paris City Hall and Sciences Po.

Combining historic and comparative axis, and questioning the scale and challenge of the Greater Paris project, this class aims to understand what is going on the transformation of the Paris / Suburbs relationship. 

It is also addressing the debates around the project, with the testimony of inhabitants, association representative, experts, researchers and archives pictures and documents, as well as comparative analysis with London, Bruxelles or other french cities. 

The MOOC takes 6 weeks. It is composed with videos, interviews, archives pictures and documents. It is available from 23 October 2017 to 21 January 2018. The last registration date is 14 January 2018. Even though it is for everyone, without prerequisite, it is for now only in french. An english version will be available in spring 2018.


Class planning :

  • Session 1 : Urbanisation and economic development
  • Session 2 : Settlement and migration
  • Session 3 : Housing and planning
  • Session 4 : Transport and mobility
  • Session 5 : Safety and environnemental risk
  • Session 6 : Culture and education


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