DroitVilleOn April 4 & 5, an international symposium will be held on the book by Henri Lefebvre The right to the city, published in 1968. It is organized by the laboratory of ideas "La Ville en Commun" and the magazine "Tous Urbains", and will be made of a first day at the Paris City Hall, and a second in the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord, in Saint-Denis.

The 50th anniversary of this book, that offered a new conception of urbanism, facing functionnalist urbanism and technocratic planning, and defined the city as a societal stake, allows to review the evolution of these ideas and urbanism. It is even more interesting given the coming back of this right to the city concept in the debates, especially in Habitat III, in Quito.

This symposium wants to portray the concept importance and accuracy in philosophy, urban thinking and sociology, and to examine the debates it generated. The first day will be academic, to better understand the concept, and the second will be a debate on it's relevance in today society and it's future, tomorrow. 

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