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A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to connect your company internationally to 3 dynamic countries: USA, INDIA, VIETNAM

What is CPA?

The school of managing directors or "the training of chief executives by chief executives"

  • Founded in 1930 by the Chamber of Commerce of Paris and in collaboration with Harvard, the CPA training is an advanced management program to contribute to the development of the company executives. Each year, more than 350 managing directors are trained.
  • The program is driven by national and international partners: CPA of Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Nice, Sciences Po, Saint-Cyr, Boston University, Indian Institute of Management of Bangalore
  • This training leads to a state qualification, it lasts 15 months, it started in November 2017 and it is organized into 3 parts:
  • "master": Marketing, Finance, Supply chain, Legal, HR, etc.
  • "strategic audit" and  "change leading", with a practical business case in a company in Reunion Island
  • "leadership", based on decision making, crisis management, public communication, etc.


CPA INDIAN OCEAN 2018: who are we?

The first year group of the CPA training in the Indian Ocean and settled in Reunion Island

  • 27 top executives, top directors, entrepreneurs, from private and public sectors
  • Sectors: consulting, finance, building, real estate, agri-food, administrations, communication, automotive, etc.
  • More than 500 years of cumulated professional experience


 What benefit for you?

To develop business opportunities through the leading of missions by our experienced team

  • More than training purposes, our training program includes an international dimension to develop abilities to do business at international scale:
  • USA: Boston and Detroit (May 2018)
  • India: Bangalore et Mumbaï (July 2018)
  • Vietnam: Hô-Chi-Minh (October 2018)
  • The kind of missions can be very large and it will be tailored according the company needs (ex.: pre-market study, sourcing, meeting with a supplier or a partner, product promotion, etc).
  • The diversity and the high skills of our year group will give you a real value-added expertise in urban development and planning


 What are we looking for?

Companies interested in giving us a mission in one or several of our destinations, Partnerships or sponsors

Your economic contribution will be received like a donation and transferred to our Association "Promotion CPA Réunion 2018" *

They have already notified their interest or joined: SUEZ Réunion, SODIAC, Reunion Island Roland Garros Airport, l’Ile de la Réunion Tourisme, Casino de Sainte Denis, Sogecore, Groupe Exsel


* The donations aim at covering daily expenses for the association members during their stays in each country. These expenses don't include the air travels (embedded in the training fees) but only accommodations and local transports costs (taxi, hotel and food)


If you are interested, please contact Ileana Randazzo ( or Olivier Payet (
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