Our Purpose

INTA is a platform that helps civic leaders and their economic and social partners to improve the urban condition for all inhabitants. In order to stimulate, capitalize and share the professional and technical experiences of its members, it supports and extends the action of local authorities and private actors.


Share knowledge

Practitionners exchange freely their findings from private and public practice and from academic research. INTA releases documentation based on results produced collectively


Extend practices

INTA debates Regional, Metropolitan and City policies internationally : at WUF, Habitat III, Africities, to transform the way to make and plan cities and enrich practices.


Engage actors

Professsionnal "Peer-to-Peer Panel" are organized to assist policy makers or appointed officers and coproduce solutions; training programmes on urban practice and methods.

Our Membership

Territorial and urban stakeholders: public authorities, elected officials, practitioners, investors, industrialists, developers, researchers...
2.000 practitioners in 60 countries. 10.000 referents.



Main Themes
Localizing SDGs
Healthy Cities and Wellbeing
Sustainable & solidary development
Citizenship, migrations
A network of multiple skills
serving the needs of the membership

Since 1987 up to now,
INTA has been involved in almost
100 urban projects in over 40 countries
Our Values
City is a common

International Peer-to-Peer Panels

Experienced practitioners help policymakers and local project leaders with strategic responses and integrated solutions. A week of international mission leading to a co-production of solutions adapted to the realities of the field, the assets of the territory, and local dynamics.

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International Congresses

The World Urban Congress provides a direct assessment of major urban and regional development projects through case study presentations, debates and technical on-site visits. Discuss urban issues of international significance with prominent officials, city leaders and managers. The Congress allows key urban players to exchange experiences and methods.

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International Urban News

Relying on its international network, INTA publishes a monthly newsletter on what's happening in urban development on a regional or national scale, covering all continents.