In the framework of its programme of exchange of good practice on urban development, INTA organised a cycle on "Tourism and the City: sustainability and development".

SEKhMinistry for Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities of Egypt
Sharm el-Shaykh, Egypt


Context and Issues
Sharm el-Shaykh is located in the south-western tip of the Sinai Peninsula, exactly in the Red Sea coastal area and has +30.000 habitants. It has an average temperature of 24ºC year-round and it has been seat for Peace Conferences in the past. The specific aim of the panel was to determine how the tourism can become a tool for development and sustainability. The Conference provided four subject recommendations:

  1. The environment issue
  2. Organizational structures responsible for management and development of coastal areas
  3. Planning and management
  4. Media and information.


Our intervention
The event was co-organised by INTA and the Ministry for Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities of Egypt. This 3-day Conference dealt with the planning policy and economic issues posed by tourism and waterfront restructuring and focused on the management instruments needed for structuring coastal areas and make them leverage for tourism development.

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