Addis AbbebaThe three-day conference was based on the interactions between key urban players: local authorities, national policy makers, business community and civil society. The seminar title reflected its content: the integrated City-Wide Approach: local development through integrated urban approaches.
The Conference was an opportunity for exchanging good practices, experiences and ideas on how to make some of the Millennium goals (notably goal 7 targets 9 and 11) workable at local levels. The programme gave priority to practical solutions, reflecting on direct urban development experiences, difficulties encountered and innovative solutions.

Context and Issues
Working towards a sustainable living environment means much more than producing good housing. It embraces concern for local surroundings, efforts to counter decay and vandalism, job creation and better education and training opportunities, health and safety issues and preserving the cultural heritage. In other words, urban development requires an integrated approach to cope simultaneously with a wide range of development and policy issues.

Our intervention
Organising an exchange of good practices, experiences and ideas on the recent comprehensive approaches such as the CWA for urban development as an instrument for Local Economic Development and Urban Poverty Alleviation.

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