ParisINTA and RATP organised a debate on the land and urban strategies as well as the industrial, social or environmental ones needed to tackle the dilemmas of "Housing the public sector". This theme goes beyond the housing issue as it addresses also the urban dynamics and components of the urban system: real estate markets, equilibrium between centre and periphery, efficiency of public services, social and economic diversity, transport and communication and their environmental impact, etc... The intention of this Conference was to question the relationship between housing and jobs in the public sector in the dense area of large conurbations; how to develop housing on public land belonging either to the State or to Public Enterprises.

The Conference received the support of Logis Transport, Gestion et Développement Territorial, Alliade, Eiffage Construction and Vinci Construction and was organised in cooperation with RATP, NAHRO (the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials of the USA), VROM (the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment in The Netherlands), DCLG (Communities and Local Government in the UK) and ADFU (Association Française du Développement Urbain).

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