GdanskHigh rising is on the agenda in Polish major cities. Renewed interest in high rising began in Warsaw, and this trend spread to many of the Polish largest cities. Gdañsk has already received interest from developers to build high and this trend is likely to continue. The issues and factors affecting the success or failure of “smart high rising” and the impact on local economies are complex. At the same time the general public feels it is very emotional, there are as many pros as cons. Thus, there was a need for better discussion to encourage local people to join the debate. The International Conference discussed topics such as the relationship between high-rise development and heritage, smart high-rise and social acceptance, high-rise buildings as urban flagships and tools for economic development and city branding, the impact on the environment and energy use. An INTA Panel preceded the Conference, looking more closely into several high-rise development plans and initiatives in Gdansk and giving advice for implementation.

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