Coference Alexandria, EgyptThe phenomena of new urban communities had been emphasized by the beginning of the twentieth century in England. Many countries developed such an idea, foreseen as the proper solution for overcrowded urban agglomeration. The era of new urban communities in Egypt has been evolved from the mid seventies, where the government focused efforts towards achieving a comprehensive sustainable development throughout population redistribution and empowering the utilization of physical, human and economic resources. Influences of international experiences (from Sweden, UK, USA, the Netherlands and Germany) were very comprehensive through the first generation of new urban communities. After thirty years, it is time to evaluate these experiences with their successes and failures, opportunities and threats, in order to capitalize the current and potential resources in parallel with what was achieved through the economic and legislative restructuring.. INTA collaborates with The Egyptian Ministry of Housing in the organization of this international event as a great opportunity to present and discuss in depth the local and international experiences in new urban communities towards achieving contemporary benefits and looking forward to a more promising future.



First theme: Analysis and evaluation of the status of new urban communities

  • Ideas and philosophies of creating new urban communities
  • Development needs and requirements for new urban communities
  • Distribution of roles and responsibilities among key actors
  • Finance mechanisms for new urban communities
  • Local, regional and international cases of experiences between theory and application
  • Impact of growth rate of new urban communities on real estate market
  • Demand on finance for housing projects
  • Evaluating different finance systems on encouraging development

Second theme: Opportunities and threats for development in the new urban communities

  • Difficulties and complications to get access to finance for development
  • Real estate speculation impacts
  • Real estate registry between laws and practicalities
  • Provision of infrastructure and urban services
  • Impact of internal and external factors on rates of development (building material, labor…)
  • Building regulations impact on development
  • Land allocation policy changes and its impact on developing new urban communities
  • Expansion of new urban communities
  • Role of the private sector in developing the new urban communities

Third theme: Proposed mechanism to promote development of new urban communities

  • Security of tenure and registry
  • Flexibility in land use management
  • Reduction of building and utility costs
  • Role of mortgage systems to provide access for low income groups
  • New forms of promoting private sector participation
  • Information and GIS systems in managing new urban communities development


Conference Programme


08h30 – 10h00    Early registrations at the Conference Hall
10h00 – 11h00    Opening Sessions
11h00 – 12h00        Opening Exhibition
12h00 – 16h00        Plenary sessions - Workshops

SUNDAY 29 March

09h00 – 16h00          Plenary sessions - Workshops

MONDAY 30 March

09h00 – 16h00         Plenary sessions, Workshops and Concluding  plenary

TUESDAY 31 March

01/27/098h00 – 18h00         Guided field visit to Giza Pyramides followed by a visit to urban development projects in 6th of October City. Lunch at Movenpick  Hotel. Back to Alexandria

Social Programme
20h00 – 22h00       Welcome dinner hosted by Ministry of  Housing, Utilities and Urban Development

Conference Venue
The Conference will be held in Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria Governorate.

Partners and Sponsors
- New Urban Communities Authority,  Egypt  
- General Organization For Physical Planning, Egypt
- The Arab Urban Development Institute, AUDI, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
- Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities, Saudi Arabia
- The International Urban Development Association, INTA ,The Hague, The Netherlands

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