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RA pic

Roy Adams
Director Roy Adams Consulting, France

Currently the director of his namesake urban development strategist firm, Roy has had a long history of urban planning. He was joint author of the successful development plan for Laganside in Belfast. He has been a specialist adviser to governments and municipalities, focussing on urban regeneration and community capacity-building, notably for the Government of Northern Ireland, work for which he was awarded an OBE in 2005. With past projects including an “eco-quarter”, on the former Queen’s Quay ship-building site on Clydebank, Scotland and an eco-tourism-based development strategy for the island of Mohéli in the Indian Ocean, Roy believes in the importance of structured funding and development impact of “enabling infrastructure” – social and economic as well as physical – in achieving sustainable community development. Roy contributes regularly to the work of INTA panels, advising on development strategy and related issues, most recently in La Réunion and Malmö.

Directeur Roy Adams Consulting, France
Roy Adams est urbaniste. Il a été co-auteur du plan de développement du quartier de Laganside à Belfast, connu pour sa réussite. Il a été conseiller auprès de gouvernements et de municipalités, spécialisé dans la régénération urbaine et le renforcement des capacités communautaires, notamment pour le gouvernement de l’Irlande du Nord, travail pour lequel il a reçu dans l'Ordre de l'Empire Britannique (OBE) en 2005.
Roy croit en l’importance d’un financement structuré et l’impact sur le développement des “infrastructures habilitantes” - sociales et économiques aussi bien que physiques - dans l’accomplissement d’un développement communautaire / local durable. Roy contribue régulièrement aux travaux de l’INTA, apportant son expérience de la stratégie de développement, comme récemment à La Réunion et à Malmö.

See him as a moderator in Parallel Workshop 3: Civil society and informal networks



 teres arvidsson

Teres Arvidsson
Coordinator of Have It All, Västra Hamnen, Sweden
Teres Arvidsson is the coordinator of the Have It All economic association of Västra Hamnen, Western Harbour in Malmö. It is a unique network that has been formed to more easily share knowledge and ideas, build new contacts and influence the neighborhood to be the best place to live, work and play.

Coordinatrice de l'association Have It All, Västra Hamnen, Suède
Teres Arvidsson est la coordinatrice de l'association économique "Have It All" de Västra Hamnen, Malmö. C'est un réseau originale qui était formé pour partager des savoirs et des idées, pour trouver des contacts, et pour influencer son quartier afin qu'il soit le meilleur endroit à travailler, vivre et s'amuser.

See her guide Technical Visit 4:
Western Harbour - "Have It All" economic association


Lawrence Barth
Professor AA Architectural Association, UK
Lawrence Barth is Professor of Urbanism at the Graduate School of the Architectural Association, where he has worked to position the Housing and Urbanism Programme at the interface of architecture and urban strategy. In 2003, Mr. Barth also joined the Graduate School’s Landscape Urbanism Programme, developing the political and strategic component of its curriculum. In 2004, he initiated the formation of a sustained research programme in architectural urbanism at the PhD level and integrated the ensuing research culture into the school’s taught programmes.
Mr. Barth works independently as a consultant urbanist for cities, design practices and research institutes. He has collaborated with diverse architects and landscape architects on large-scale urban projects, such as one-north Masterplan in Singapore. He has published widely in architecture and sociology, and is a frequently invited lecturer and critic on the role of architecture and landscape in the contemporary urban process.

Professeur AA Architectural Association, Royaume-Uni
Lawrence Barth est professeur d'urbanisme a l'école du troisième cycle "Architectural Association" où il a lutté pour mettre la programme d'urbanisme et d'habitat au centre de l'interface d'architecture et de stratégie urbaine.
M. Barth travaille indépendamment comme urbaniste-consultant pour des villes, des cabinets de design et d'instituts de recherche. Il collabore souvent avec d'autres architectes, paysagistes et sociologues et il critique le rôle d'architecture et du paysage dans le processus urbain contemporain.

See him in Plenary session 5:
Towards a new ecosystem of stakeholders, new rules, new behaviours 


Elena Belova
Secretary General, Head of Development Department, ICSER "Leontief Centre", Russia
Elena Belova is the current Secretary General of the Development department at the International Centre for Social and Economic Research "ICSER" Leontief Centre in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The main responsibilities of this department are the coordination and organizational support of the programs for international technical assistance, assistance to external organizations on collaboration with funds on commercial basis, and the preparation and conduct of the major annual academic and research activities of the Leontief Centre. Most recently she has been involved in the joint Nordic Russian Project "The City SAGA. Public Spaces in Transformation" which focused  on human-centred development of public spaces in Saint-Petersburg and their transformation into dweller-friendly environments: smarter, attractive,  greener  and more accessible.

Secrétaire Général, Directrice du département de développement de l'ISCER Centre Leontief, Russie
Elena Belova, le secrétaire général et directrice du département de développement du ICSER Leontief Centre, Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie. Plus récemment elle a contribué au projet nordique-russe "The City SAGA, espaces publiques en mutation" qui avait pour but de transformer les espaces publiques de Saint-Pétersbourg aux lieux attractifs, intelligents, verts, accessibles mais surtout centrés sur la dimension citoyenne.

See her in Parallel workshop 3:  Civil Society and Informal Networks

 Sophia Bescher

Sophia Bescher
Project manager of Amiralsstaden, City of Malmõ, Sweden
Sophia Bescher is the project manager of Amiralsstaden, a project in an outer-central neighbourhood of Malmõ that will see a new train station built along with a major TOD redevelopment. Prior to managing the Amiralsstaden redevelopment project, Sophia was a political advisor for the Social Democrat party and was also a PR consultant.

Chef de projet d'Amiralsstaden, Ville de Malmõ, Suède
Sophia Bescher est chef de projet à Amiralsstaden, un projet qui va voir la construction d'une gare dans un quartier central de Malmõ accompagné par un projet de développement TOD autour de la gare. Auparavant Sophia a été conseilleur politique pour le parti social-démocrate ainsi qu'une consultante des relations publiques.

See her guide Technical Visit 1:
Project Amiralsstaden - TOD at Rosengård station

Charrier Maurice Vaulx en Velin 1

Maurice Charrier
INTA President, France

Elected to the Vaulx-en-Velin Council in 1977, Planning Assistant from 1977 to 1983, he became Deputy Mayor in 1983, then Mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin in 1985, reelected in 1989, 1995, 2001 and 2008. 
After resigning from his position as Mayor in April 2009 he remains City Councilor and Vice-President of Greater Lyon. District Councilor from March 1992 to March 2004, member of the Greater Lyon Council he was from September 1995 to March 2001 Vice-President in charge of retail policy. 
From March 2001 to December 2003, he was Vice President in charge of Urban Policy. From 2004-2008 he is in charge of Urban Policy and Planning. From April 2008-2014, he is in charge in charge of Urban Policy and Social Cohesion. Since 1st January 2014, he is President of INTA. 

Président de l'INTA, France
Elu au conseil municipal de Vaulx-en-Velin en 1977, adjoint à l’urbanisme de 1977 à 1983, il devient premier adjoint en 1983. Maire de Vaulx-en-Velin depuis le 16 décembre 1985, réélu en 1989, en 1995, en 2001 et 2008. Il démissionne de son poste de Maire en avril 2009 mais reste Conseiller Municipal, Vice-président du Grand Lyon. Conseiller Général du Rhône de mars 1992 à mars 2004.
Conseiller du Grand Lyon (Courly), il a occupé de septembre 1995 à mars 2001 le poste de Vice-président de la Communauté Urbaine de Lyon chargé de l’Urbanisme Commercial.
De mars 2001 à décembre 2003, il est Vice-président de la Communauté Urbaine de Lyon chargé de la Politique de la Ville. De janvier 2004 à mars 2014, il est Vice-président de la Communauté Urbaine de Lyon chargé de l’Urbanisme et de la Politique d’Aménagement du Territoire puis Vice-président du Grand Lyon, en charge de la Politique de la Ville et de la Cohésion sociale. Depuis le 1er janvier 2014, il est élu Président de l'INTA.

See him give the Opening and Closing messages

 Professor Cheng

An-Ting Cheng
Professor of Urban Development, University of Taipei, Taiwan
An-Ting Cheng is assigned to speak on behalf of the Minister of Interior, Taiwan R.O.C. in this INTA41 World Urban Congress. He is an associate professor on the Department of Urban Development at University of Taipei and has been a member of Industrial Bureau Think Tank, Ministry of Economic Affair since 2012. He served as a member of Regional Planning Committee, Ministry of the Interior between 2011 and 2014. He has been a member of International Development Network, Royal Town Planning Institute since 2009 and a member of Association of European Schools of Planning since 2009.
Cheng holds PhD in School of City and Regional Planning at Cardiff University. As a chartered planner of Royal Town Planning Institute, he specializes in spatial planning, regional development and governance, and urban regeneration. He has published widely in relevant fields.

See him in Plenary session 1: Political perspectives on partnerships, agreements and negotiation from local to international level.


Gilbert Émont
Director Palladio Foundation, France
Gilbert Emont has led the whole of his career as director in the group "Caise des Dépôts" (Chief executive of SCIC, then director of Investment and participation of the group), before having joined in 2009 IEIF (Institut d'Epargne Immobilier et Foncièr as a senior advisor. As a researcher associated with the institute he has most notably developed in 2010 a series of studies on housing demand, the causes of territorial dysfunctionalities and price rises. His other function is as director of the Palladio Foundation which conducts studies on housing and the city.

Directeur de la Fondation Palladio, France
Gilbert Emont a mené l’ensemble de sa carrière en tant que dirigeant au sein du groupe Caisse des Dépôts (Directeur général délégué à la SCIC, puis Directeur Investissement et Participation à l’Etablissement Public), avant de rejoindre en 2009 l’IEIF en tant que Senior Advisor. Chercheur associé de l’Institut, il a notamment développé en 2010 un ensemble de réflexions et d’études sur les déterminants de la demande en matière de logement, les causes des dysfonctionnements territoriaux et l’envolée des prix. Par ailleurs, il est directeur de l’Institut Palladio des Hautes Etudes sur l’Immobilier et la Cité.

See him in Plenary session 5:
Towards a new ecosystem of stakeholders, new rules, new behaviours

 Hjalmar f

Hjalmar Falck
Development leader of the Sofielund BID process in Malmö, Sweden

Hjalmar Falck is employed by Malmö City as a Development leader of the first BID process in the city. He is also the Manager of Fastighetsägare Sofielund or in english, "Property owners Sofielund". It is an association that works to enhance the well-being, security and cohesion of Sofielund following the BID (business improvement district) model. They work with people who own rental properties and commercial premises as well as housing associations, town councils, and local companies and businesses. Hjalmar is also a former journalist, project leader in urban planning and school headmaster.

Chef de projet BID Sofielund, Ville de Malmõ, Suède
Hjalmar Falck travail à la mairie de Malmö comme directeur du processus BID. Il est également directeur de Fastighetsägare Sofielund, ou en français: Les Propriétaires de Sofielund. C'est une association qui a pour but d'améliorer le bien-être, la sécurité et la cohésion sociale du quartier en travaillant avec les propriétaires, des bailleurs sociaux, la mairie et les entreprises locaux. Autrement dit: le modèle de développement BID  mis en œuvre. Antérieurement Hjalamar était journaliste, chef de projet de plannification urbaine, et directeur d'une école.  

See him guide Technical Visit 2:
Sofielund - A local BID model for housing, integration and participation

Rémi Feredj
CEO Poste Immo, France

Rémi Feredj, 59 years old, is the property and real estate director of the Groupe La Poste. He is CEO of Poste Immo, a land asset managing structure with 1000 employees between 8 regional offices in France. Enhancing the buildings of the group, Poste Immo, by the diversity of its properties, intervenes also in subjects in relation to territorial equality. A real tool that serves the further transformation of La Poste, managing land assets also means that urban logistics are taken into account. Before being director of Poste Immo, Rémi was in charge of property and land assets of the RATP, the Paris public transport network. Hi teams specialised in multi-use land in the urban environment with complex and mixed operations. He is vice-president of INTA, and was elected director of real estate in France in 2013

Directeur Général de Poste Immo, France
Rémi Feredj, 59 ans, est le Directeur immobilier du Groupe La Poste. Il est directeur général de Poste immo, structure foncière de 1000 salariés, répartis entre 8 directions régionales en France. Valorisant les immeubles du Groupe, Poste immo, par la diversité du patrimoine géré, intervient également sur les sujets relatifs aux équilibres territoriaux. Véritable outil au service de la transformation de La Poste, la foncière déploie également une activité de Logistique et de logistique urbaine. Auparavant Directeur de lʼimmobilier et des achats de la RATP, il a spécialisé ses équipes sur les problématiques de superpositions dʼactivités en milieu urbain dense et le montage dʼopérations mixtes et complexes. Il est vice Président de lʼINTA et a été élu Directeur de lʼimmobilier de lʼannée 2013 en France.

See him in Plenary session 2:
Public-private-civil society partnerships: new ways to design the city; and Parallel Workshop 2: Participatory development and Business Improvement Districts 

 Gauthier bigger

Frank Gauthier
Head of Department Strategy and innovation, SNCF immobilier, France
Frank GAUTHIER has a degree in Pure Mathematics and in Statistics (University of Paris Jussieu) as well as in Real-Estate Engineering (University of Nanterre-Paris Ouest-La Défense).
Frank is member of the Fondation Palladio since its creation in 2008. The Fondation Palladio gathers the actors of the construction of the cities and is recognized as a public utility.
Frank is currently directing the strategy and innovation department of the real-estate branch of SNCF, the French National Railway Company. He is particularly known as a developper of complex operations but also for its experiments in temporary urban developments in complex environment. Moreover, Frank integrates in its reflection the components of transportation, human flows and commercial business and the issues of the wellness in concentrated areas.

See him in Parallel workshop 4: New Stakeholders - emergency/temporary and short-term involvement

trevor g

Trevor Graham
Director Urbanisland, Sweden

Trevor Graham is the director of Urbanisland, a company focused on innovation for sustainable communities working primarily with public, private and academic partners. Throughout his career Trevor has had a strong focus on working with the synergies between low-income communities, local and global environment and economic development. He was Development Manager for the urban community development partnership organisation Groundwork in the UK before coming to Malmö in 1998 to head a major community sustainable regeneration programme. He stayed in Malmö for many years in senior leadership and management roles before leaving to work on the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic. Here he was responsible for a broad physical development agenda and had major focus on renewable energy, housing regeneration, waste management, food security, sustainable tourism and fisheries. In Urbanisland he is building on this experience from working with sustainable development from the neighbourhood level to the city and national levels, and working with the development of partnership approaches to tackle local and global challenges.

Directeur Urbanisland, Suède
Trevor Graham, directeur d'Urbanisland, une entreprise qui travaille sur les dispositifs d'innovation pour les villes durables. Ayant travaille antérieurement dans la même domaine au Royaume-Uni et en Allemagne, il a déménagé a Malmö en 1998, où il a été chef du développement durable de la ville.

See him as moderator in
Plenary session 1:
Political perspectives on partnerships, agreements and negotiation from local to international level, 
Plenary session 2: Public-private-civil society partnerships: new ways to design the city, 
Plenary session 4: A partnership path towards the SDGs,
Plenary session 5: Towards a new ecosystem of stakeholders, new rules, new behaviours 


Helle Juul
CEO Juul + Frost Architects, Denmark

Helle Juul has overall responsibility for national and international projects at Juul Frost Architects. She also teaches and researches and is a consultant for many of the largest educational institutions in the field of urban development and urban space. Campus consultancy projects constitute an important field of work. The application of research in fact has been one of the recurrent themes during Helle Juul’s career, which to a high degree has also defined JFAs DNA. Helle Juul is responsible for ’Urban Space as a Development Strategy’, which developed a new approach to the function of public spaces as a catalyst for city development by focussing on transformation and significance as strategic instruments.
She is engaged by the ways in which globalisation, coupled with the current urbanisation, is creating new conditions for our cities.

DG Architectes Juul et Frost , Danemark
Helle Juul est la responsable pour les projets à l'internationale de son cabinet d'architecture Juul Frost Architects. Elle enseigne, elle fait de la recherche et elle est consultante dans les domaines de développement urbain et d'espace urbain.
Elle s'intéresse fortement comment la mondialisation et l'actuel processus de l'urbanisation créent des nouvelles conditions pour nos villes.  

See her as moderator of Parallel Workshop 1: Multifunctional partnerships - integrated regeneration projects


Milena Klasing Chen
Innovation Project Manager, SNCF, France

Milena Klasing Chen is innovation project manager in the Innovation and Research department at SNCF and associated researcher of the DTMI chair (Design theory and methods for innovation). She works on developing innovation methods and on accompanying innovative projects. She has done her PhD at Mines ParisTech as part of the DTMI chair on developing low cost public transport offers, inside a public transport operator, contributing both to developing models for low cost design and to research on public transport.
At INTA41 she will use her expertise on urban innovation whilst moderating the 2nd Parallel workshop which focuses on Participatory development and the BID model.

See her moderate Parallel workshop 2: Participatory development and Business Improvement Districts

 monika konrad

Monika Konrad
Architect/ Project Director, Strelka KB, Russia
Monika Konrad is an architect and project director at Strelka KB, a Russian consulting company that connects the state, the business community, local residents and experts to create effective decisions on urban development. 

At INTA41 Monika will be presenting multi-stakeholders approach towards strategic urban master planning in Russia, on an example of a Strelka KB project: Strategic Masterplan for Svobodny city in Amurskiy region till 2030, commissioned by the government of Russian Federation, Agency For Housing Mortgage Lending.

See her in Parallel workshop 2: Participatory development and Business Improvement Districts


Christophe Lamontre
Real estate improvement department, RATP, France
Christophe Lamontre is currently in charge of real estate improvement at the RATP, Paris' public transport operator.

Département Valorisation, Achats & Logistique, Unité Valorisation & Administration du Domaine, RATP, France
Christophe Lamontre est chef de valorisation du foncier et l'immobilier. Il est responsable de l’unité VAD Valorisation et Administration du Domaine.

See him in Parallel workshop 1:
Multifunctional partnerships - integrated regeneration projects


Dominque Laousse
Head of Foresight and Innovation, SNCF, France
Dominique Laousse, MSc Economics, MBA joined RATP Prospective and Innovative Design team as project director of various projects on mobility 2.0, smart mobility particularly with MIT Media Lab, virtual mobility (serious games). Other topics of interest are applied cognitive sciences to urban navigation in complex spaces, mobility learning and coaching, mobility management and new economy of urban mobility. He is a former project manager for French Ministry of the town on transport and social exclusion and times in the city. Dominique Laousse is head of Foresight and Innovation in the Innovation and Research department of the SNCF. He is a frequent collaborator with INTA, recently co-hosting the Acte 2 workshops on the New Urban Agenda.

Chef de Prosepective et innovation, SNCF, France
Dominique Laousse est responsable du groupe Innovation & Prospective à la Direction Innovation & Recherche de la SNCF. Il collabore souvent avec INTA, le plus récemment en animant les 4 ateliers du projet Acte 2 du Nouvel Agenda Urbain.

See him in Parallel workshop 4: New stakeholders - emergency/temporary and short-term involvement


Christer Larsson
Director of City Planning, City of Malmö, Sweden 
Christer is Director of Urban Development for the City of Malmö, Sweden. He is responsible for strategic development planning for the city, including during recent years the Western Harbour site and the urban reconfiguration of Malmö. Christer is Chairman of Nordic City Network, is active in international architectural competition juries, and is central in knowledge transfer projects concerning Malmö´s sustainable development.

Directeur du Développement Urbaine, Ville de Malmõ, Suède
Christer est directeur du développement urbain de la ville de Malmö, en Suède. Il est responsable de la planification stratégique de la ville, y compris pendant ces dernières années sur le site de Western Harbour et la reconfiguration urbaine de Malmö. Christer est président du Réseau des villes nordiques et est actif dans des jurys de concours internationaux d'architecture et est au cœur des projets de transfert de connaissances en matière de développement durable de Malmö.

See him in Plenary session 4:
A partnership path towards the SDGs 

 wi lee

Wei-I (Will) Lee
Professor at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture, Taiwan
Having gained his Ph.D from the University of Tokyo, Professor Lee specialises in urban design, housing theory and architectural planning. He is currently Professor of Architecture at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
An active INTA member, he presented as part of INTA 40 in Lisbon, 2016.

Professeur d'Architecture, Taiwan Tech, Taiwan
Ayant fait sa thèse à l'Université de Tokyo, Prof. Lee spécialise en design urbain, théorie de logement et architecture. Il est actuellement professeur d'architecture à l'Université Nationale des Sciences et de la Technologie de Taiwan (NTUST).
Membre actif de l'INTA, il a intervenu au sein du 40e congrès de l'INTA à Lisbonne en 2016.

See him in Parallel workshop 2: Participatory development and Business Improvement Districts 

 liepa zemesa new

Mara Liepa-Zemesa
Deputy Head of Territorial Planning Unit, City Development Department, City of Riga, Latvia
Mara Liepa-Zemesa has more then ten years experience working in territorial planning in the City Development Department of the City of Riga, Latvia. Currently her main responsibility is to manage the development of Riga Territorial plan 2030. At the same time she works as docent in Riga Technical University teaching urban planning for master program in architecture.
She holds Ph.D in architecture as well she has studied jurisprudence. She has made researches in Austria (Vienna University of Technology), Germany (HafenCity University) and U.S.A. (State University of New York University at Buffalo). Mara Liepa-Zemesa has written many articles on planning and urban space design.
Since 2008 Mara Liepa-Zemesa is member of steering committee of Union of Baltic Cities “Planning Cities” commission. 

See her Parallel workshop 3: Civil society and informal networks

 Charles Lin

Charles Lin,
Deputy Mayor of Taipei
, Taiwan
Charles Lin is associate professor with the Master degreed in Urban Planning/Urban Design and also an  architect-planner with research interests that span the policy context for delivering better living cities and state/market relations in land and property development as well as the design and management of urban regeneration.  He has taken important positions in the official arena of Taiwan for the last two decades ranging from local  municipalities to the central government as office leader and/or Director-General of different authorities. In 20072008 he served as the Director-General of Construction Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, who was  responsible for national spatial planning, town and rural planning, new town development and urban regeneration  policy, housing policy as well as National Parks services. In 2002-2007 Charles hold two different posts of  Director-General in Kaohsiung City Government including Public Works Bureau and Urban Development Bureau.  During his official career in Kaohsiung City, he took a leading role in improving Kaohsiung city riverfront and  harborfront redevelopment, speeding up construction and operation of sewerage systems and public amenity  infrastructures, and promoting private investment in public infrastructure projects on PFI (Private Financial  Initiatives) basis.

See him in Parallel workshop 1: Multifunctional partnerships - integrated regeneration projects



 Therese Mol

Thérèse Mol
Urban Development Project manager, Piushaven & Koningsplein, Netherlands 
Thérèse Mol studied architectural and urban design at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. After more than 14 years working as a consultant (education and other non-profit organisations) she began working as a project manager for the municipality of Tilburg in 2003. During the first years she worked on real estate developments in the Noord district, since 2006 at the Piushaven area development and since 2016 at the Koningsplein.
Piushaven connects the center of Tilburg with the outlying area of Moerenburg. Around 1700 new homes are being built in this ex industrial port area development, divided over various construction projects. The area is set to attract many new residents and entrepreneurs and will be a lively city centre on the water's edge. As project manager of Piushaven, Thérèse Mol deals with the daily coordination and implementation of the urban development project. At INTA 41, she will talk about the specific approach taken by the Piushaven urban development, which includes the cooperation of 10 developers and broad community participation with local entrepreneurs and residents.
Visit the website to find out more about this project.

Chef de projet de développement urbain, Piushaven et Koningsplein, Pays-Bas
Thérèse Mol diplômée d'architecture et de design urbain de l'Université de technologie d'Eindhoven, Pays-Bas, elle a travaillé pour plus de 14 ans comme consultante. Depuis 2003 elle est chef de projet à la municipalité de Tillburg. Son actuel projet est le développement de Piushaven qui aura 1700 nouvelles maisons et un nouveau centre ville au bord de l'eau entre Tillburg et Moerenburg.

See her in Parallel workshop 1: Multifunctional partnerships - integrated regeneration projects


Per-Arne Nilsson
Union of the Baltic Cities, Sweden
Per-Arne Nilsson is the Manager of the Environmental Management Department, city development and climate in the City of Malmö.
He will be representing The Union of the Baltic Cities at INTA41

Union des villes baltiques, Suède
Per-Arne Nilsson est chef de la direction gestion de l'environnement, climat et développement urbain à la ville de Malmö.
Il représentera l'Union des villes baltiques (UBC) au congrès de l'INTA 41.

See him in Plenary session 4:
A partnership path towards the SDGs 

 Nunes da silva

Fernando Nunes da Silva
Professor IST University of Lisbon, Portugal
Mr. Nunes da Silva is a full Professor of Urban Planning and Transports at the IST (Superior Institute of Technology), University of Lisbon since 2002.
He gained his PhD (1992) and Pos-Doc (2000) in Civil Engineering by the former Technical University of Lisbon.
His Main professional interests include: urban strategies for sustainable mobility; urban planning; transportation planning.
He has gained experience as an advisor and consultant in transport and urban planning studies and projects in several municipalities and regional bodies; he is a researcher at CESUR (Centre for Urban and Regional Systems); he was also a councillor and deputy mayor for Mobility and Transport in Lisbon Municipality (2009/13).

See him as a moderator in Parallel Workshop 4: New stakeholders – emergency/temporary and short-term involvement


Per Olsson Fridh
State Secretary to the Minister for Culture and Democracy, Sweden
Since 2014 Per Olsson Fridh has been the State Secretary to the Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy, Ms. Alice Bah Kuhnke. State Secretaries are politically appointed senior officials at the Government Offices who lead the work of a ministry directly under the head of the ministry or another minister. State Secretaries are responsible for planning and coordination. Some of his areas of responsibility are Democracy, The national minorities, Civil society, The language and culture of the Sami people, Discrimination and Culture.

See him in Plenary session 1: Political perspectives on partnerships, agreements and negotiation from local to international level

 Helena Paulsson

Helena Paulsson
President of Have It All Economic Association, Västra Hamnen, Sweden 
Helena Paulsson is the President of the Have It All economic association of Västra Hamnen (Western Harbour) in Malmö. It is a unique network that has been formed to more easily share knowledge and ideas, build new contacts and influence the neighborhood to be the best place to live, work and play. She is also a trained landscape architect and is the urban planning section manager of Malmö at ÅF Consulting.

Président de l'association Have It All, Västra Hamnen, Suède
Teres Arvidsson est la Président de l'association économique "Have It All" de Västra Hamnen, Malmö. C'est un réseau originale qui était formé pour partager des savoirs et des idées, pour trouver des contacts, et pour influencer son quartier afin qu'il soit le meilleur endroit à travailler, vivre et s'amuser. Elle est aussi architecte paysagiste et elle s'occupe des projets d'urbanisme dans la région de Malmö chez ÅF Consulting. 

See her guide Technical Visit 4:
Western Harbour - "Have It All" economic association

 Agneta P

Agneta Persson
Programme manager Lindängen, City of Malmö, Sweden
Agneta Persson is the programme manager of the Lindängen redevelopment project. Lindängen is a 1970s neighbourhood that faces many socio-economic and urban design challenges. The community is a driving force behind the project with many social and physical investments to come in order to create a cohesive and socially sustainable community.
Agneta has been involved in urban planning for her entire career. Prior to becoming project manager at Lindängen, she has been a Landscape architect at her own practice, as an urban planner and public space designer and in various management roles. Her main career focus has been sustainable urban planning with people always at the centre.

See her guide Technical Visit 3: 
Lindängen and community actor Gatukraft Lindängen

 rosales montano

Silvia Rosales-Montano
Co-founder Apoyo Urbano, Latin America/France
Silvia Rosales-Montano is a Franco-Salvadorian socio-economist and urban planner with a specialty in transport, territorial planning and collaborative foresight. As well as being the co-founder of the NGO Apoyo Urbano, she is also the head of foresight and transition studies at the Urban Agency of the metropolitan area of Lyon. As co-founder of Apoyo Urbano, Silvia Rosales-Montano is heavily implicated in urban development projects across Central and South America. Based in Lyon, Apoyo Urban assembles urbanists to develop plans and projects along side local authorities and communities of Latin America. She is currently focused on an experimental and prospective research-action project to develop a new type of Metropolitan government for Guatemala City. 
Visit the website to find out more about the project.

Co-fondatrice d'Apoyo Urbano, Amérique Latine/France
Silvia Rosales-Montano : Socio-économiste et urbaniste franco-salvadorienne, spécialiste en transports et aménagement du territoire, puis experte en urbanisme et prospective active collaborative. Elle est co-fondatrice de l'ONG Apoyo Urbano, qui depuis 1997 travaille en Amérique latine dans la mise en œuvre de dispositifs d’études, de planification  participative et de prospective interactive. En parallèle elle travaille à l’Agence d’urbanisme de l’aire métropolitaine lyonnaise comme directrice d’études en matière de Prospective des transitions, mutations et crises.  Elle est aussi experte dans d’autres domaines auprès des coopérations internationales.

See her in Parallel workshop 3: Civil society and informal networks


David Rudlin
Chairman Academy of Urbanism, UK

David Rudlin is a planner by training and started his career with Manchester City Council. He was also secretary of the Homes for Change housing cooperative and responsible for commissioning one of the flagship buildings of the Hulme Redevelopment, after which he co-wrote the seminal Hulme Guide to Development. He has managed a range of high profile consultancy projects and numerous master-plans for councils in Bradford, Bury, Liverpool, Chesterfield, Birmingham and Nottingham to name a few.
David is the author of a number of research reports articles and chapters in books on numerous subjects including the crisis facing the contemporary city and in 2014 received the Wolfson Economics prize. He is currently the Chairman of the Academy of Urbanism representing the URBED co-op which is an urban, environment and design firm with urbanism, community, environmental sustainability and design as its core values.

See him in Plenary session 4: A partnership path towards the SDGs 

 durten scholens square

Dürten Schölens
Deputy Head Urban Development and Economics department, City of Rostock, Germany
Dürten is the head of the subject field of land use planning and development planning and Deputy Head of the Department of Urban Development and Economics within the Office of Urban Development, Urban Planning and Economics of the Hanseatic and University City Rostock. Primarily she coordinates work on the city land use plan and urban development plans to achieve optimal urban planning solutions. Prior to this position she worked 20 years at the City of Rostock on the field of binding construction plans and wrote many planning-law statements for construction projects. Before this, she studied in  both Weimar, Germany and Venice, Italy.

At present one of her projects is managing the work package on land-based urban development in the context of the ongoing Interreg EU project on small cruise ships in the southern Baltic Sea region. Public participation in the city's future plan is the current focus of the project as the first step in redesigning the land use plan. 

A future project Dürten is working on is the 42nd INTA World Urban Congress which will be held in Rostock in September 2018. It will focus on innovation in and by medium sized/second tier/regiopolis cities, of which Rostock, being situated in one of Europe's first Regiopolis, is a prime example.

See her in Plenary session 2: Public-private-civil society partnerships: new ways to design the city


Petra Sörling
CEO Rosengård Fastighets AB, Sweden
Petra Sörling is the CEO of Rosengård Fastighets, a newly formed real estate company that wants to realise the idea of a more integrated Malmö. As of October 2017 they manage 1660 residential apartments in the central neighbourhoods of Törnrosen and parts of Örtagården and have the long term project of creating an integrated neighbourhood centered on the cultural casbah development.

See her in Plenary session 2: Public-private-civil society partnerships: new ways to design the city

 Marta regionen

Märta Stenevi
Deputy Mayor of Malmö, Sweden

Märta Stenevi is the deputy Mayor of Malmö responsible for Urban planning and Services. Besides housing and planning, energy supply and public purchasing is part of her portfolios. Before being elected deputy Mayor of Malmö, Märta Stenevi held the office of Vice President of the Regional Executive Board in Region Skåne. The Regional Executive Board oversees the implementation of all Region Skåne policies, including those related to regional development, research and innovation. Ms. Stenevi has a background in industry and commerce, specifically in the publishing industry where she has held various positions. Among these as Business Area Manager and Marketing Manager in e-commerce and publishing industries, Operations Director and Marketing Manager in publishing and IT Development Manager.

See her in Plenary session 4: A partnership path towards the SDGs 

 Katrin S J

Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh
Mayor of Malmö, Sweden
Elected Mayor of Malmö in 2013 after having been first elected to city council in 2010.Her education is in political science and has been a social communication consultant prior to her position on the city council. Her council portfolios originially included Schools, Security and Welfare and in her time she oversaw multiple reforms and reorganisations. She is the current chair of the Malmö city council and also has the responsibility of the municipal finances.

See her give the opening address on day 1


Michel Sudarskis
INTA Secretary General, France

Michel Sudarskis is the Secretary General of INTA, the International Urban Development Association, since 1987. He holds PhD in Economics and Political Sciences. Before joining INTA he taught on international co-operation and foreign affairs as Associate Professor with several Universities (Strasbourg, Paris, Nice and Lille) and served with international organisations in Italy and Belgium. Michel Sudarskis writes and speaks regularly on urban issues; he has lead more than 50 international urban development missions on behalf of INTA including spatial analysis and strategies, establishing spatial framework for infrastructure planning, new towns and major urban regeneration or development projects, and worked with the UNCRD in Latin America, the EIB in the Middle East, Spanish Cooperation Agency in Morocco.

Secrétaire Général de l'INTA, France
Secrétaire Général de l'association internationale du développement urbain, INTA, Michel Sudarskis anime depuis Paris les activités de coopération et de partenariat international dans ce domaine. Docteur en Sciences politiques, diplômé d'études supérieures d'économie, il a servi dans l'administration avant d'entamer dès 1971 une carrière européenne qui l'a mené successivement à Milan, à Bruxelles et enfin à La Haye. Michel a enseigné comme professeur associé à l'université de Nice, conférencier auprès de l'Institut européen des hautes études internationales à Nice également, aux universités de Lille, Strasbourg et Paris 12. Il publie et intervient régulièrement dans les débats sur la ville.

See him in Plenary session 4:
A partnership path towards the SDGs 

 Photo Termont

Daniël Termont
Mayor of Ghent, President of Eurocities, Belgium
Daniël Temont, born and raised in Ghent, Belgium, after the 1994 local elections, he became a full time politician. He was appointed Deputy-Mayor of the Port, Economic Development and Utilities of the City of Ghent. He was re-elected at the end of the year 2000 and became Deputy-Mayor of the Port, Economy and Festivities, before running for Mayor in 2006. He was elected and re-elected in 2012, and has been Mayor ever since.
As the Mayor of Ghent, Daniël Termont represents his city in EUROCITIES. Thanks to his firm efforts and commitment, Ghent was elected to the Executive Committee of which he is the current President. He was the city’s driving force behind the EUROCITIES’ Annual General Meeting in Ghent in 2013, which focused on ‘smart citizens’.
Daniël Termont is a member of the Global Parliament of Mayors. He is convinced of the fact that Europe’s future will be made in and by cities and regions.

Maire de Gand, Belgique
Daniël Termont, originaire de Gand et homme politique depuis 1994. Elu en tant que maire adjoint du port, du développement économique et des services urbain de Gand en 1994 il a négocié plusieurs partenariats avec des villes d’Amérique latine qui assurent jusqu’aujourd’hui l’opération du port de Gand. Il a gagné les élections municipales en 2006 et encore en 2012.
En tant que maire, Daniël Termont représente sa ville dans le réseau dit EUROCITIES dont lequel il est président. Il est convaincu que le futur d’Europe sera décidé par les villes et les régions, non seulement par l’état.

See him in Plenary session 1: Political perspectives on partnerships, agreements and negotiation from the local to the international level.


Joseph Tossavi
National Technical Assistant, Agricultural Finance Mechanisms, MAEP and CONAFIL, Benin
Joseph Tossavi has many years of experience in international cooperation. His latest role has been in the MAEP and CONAFIL organisms which is the Benino-Belgian cooperation mechanism on Agricultural finance. 

Assistant technique national aux mécanismes de financement agricoles, MAEP et CONAFIL, Benin
Il est actuellement Assistant technique national aux mécanismes de financement agricoles du Programme d’Appui au Développement des Filières Agricoles de la Coopération bénino-belge auprès du MAEP et de la Commission Nationale des Finances Locales (CONAFIL)

See him in Plenary session 1:
Political perspectives on partnerships, agreements and negotiation from the local to the international level.





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