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Metropolitan development under economic crisis: which way forward?

INTA, together with the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana is organizing a Metropolitan Dialogue, part of the INTA Metro in Progress Programme..


Introduction: What is the new reality, why discussing?

After a period of »overheated« economic growth accompanied by spatial development phenomena, such as strong pressure on land for construction of housing and setting up of business zones and infrastructures, as well as an increase in environmental burdens, the Ljubljana metropolitan region – sharing the destiny of the country the capital of which it is – encountered a downturn of economic activity, aggravated social situation of large parts of its population and diminishing funds for provision of services for its population as well as for larger development projects.

The economic crisis – sometimes termed also the »new reality« that is expected to last for quite a while – the negative impacts on, and uncertainties about, further development of metropolitan areas are not an issue only in Ljubljana/Slovenia, but most certainly also in other European countries and their metropolises – Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain.

Metropolises have varying capacities for coping with crises and most certainly choose different instruments and paths. It is thus important to share information and experiences about f. ex. models and tools used in »crisis management«, opportunities for sustainable development or potentials to retain or even improve the metropolitan quality of life.

Often, governance systems in crisis-ridden metropolises are weak and/or inefficient and need to be strengthened in order for a metropolis to become functional. Alternative approaches, such as civil society initiatives or creating networks of integration and social support for inhabitants, may be valuable responses in this case as well.

Some solutions may lie in networking and co-operation of metropolises in macroregional areas, such as the Danube , Alpine or Mediterranean macroregion. But have the opportunities been at all exploited?

Day 1:

14.30 Departure for a 3-hour guided tour presenting cases of urban challenges and solutions within Ljubljana area

 Day 2:

In each session, 2 international cases will confront their experiences with a Slovenian case.

10.00-11.00 Opening and introduction

11.00 - 12.30 Session 1: Metropolitan resilience

How are the cities adapted to cope with crises and catastrophies (economic, natural, war) and how do they manage to recover of it? Are metropolises more resilient than smaller cities? Which are the advantages? Better economic situation, better organisation, better response?

13.30 - 15.30 Session 2: Instruments to overcome the crises

Which economic, social and spatial planning instruments and governance systems, securing the balance between progress and social cohesion, would be used by policy makers on different levels to manage and overcome the crises? Are there any alternative approaches besides the institutional? What vision of efficient, coherent and sustainable future territorial development on metropolitan level is »feasible« in such circumstances?

15.30 - 17.15 Session 3: Territorial balance between the center and periphery

How to guarantee economic, social and cultural solidarity and territorial balance on metropolitan level? What are potentials of better cooperation on macroregional level, such as in the Danube, Alpine, Mediterranean macroregions?

17.15 - 18.30 Conclusions and debate

// You can register now! First come, first served basis, as there is a limited number of places available to keep the Dialogue very interactive.
Targeted participants: international and local practitioners and decision makers involved in metropolitan development.
Registration fees are 200€ and cover coffee breaks, lunches, evening reception on Thursday night and study tour.
// Download the registration form and send it back to intainfo{@}inta-net.org
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