INTA was approached by the Regional Council of La Reunion, a French Region in the Indian Ocean, south east of Madagascar, to advise on the development potential of a site called Beausejour.
Beausejour is a 80 ha (197 acre) green field located on the slopes above the island's main airport in the Ste Marie municipality, east of St Denis, the main regional centre of the island.

The SR21, the development corporation of the Regional Council, and CBo territoria, the owner of the land, have already carried out several surveys of the site and come up with ideas for development of the area. However, both the public and the private partners would like to apply to the site the principles of sustainable and eco-development and to make it a case for future development on the island.

The SR21 has invited INTA to:

  1. Propose an eco-development project with the aid of an international panel of practitioners
  2. Consider what peripheral development will be necessary in the area
  3. Address the following questions:

    • Which elements are needed to create a true "smart, eco-sustainable project?"
    • What should be avoided that could compromise the nature of the project?
    •  How will  the relationship between a new neighbourhood of about 15 000 inhabitants and the traditional city centres be managed?

The INTA panel had a unique opportunity to bring fresh ideas for the development of the area and to offer the sponsors a more clearly defined eco-development concepts.

See the article from Le Moniteur 5/05/2011


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