Read the press review (in Spanish) of the international peer-to-peer review Panel in Andahuaylas, Peru.

Lisez la revue de presse (en espagnol) du panel international d'Andahuaylas, Pérou.

Lea los articulos de prensa (en castellano) sobre el Panel internacional en Andahuaylas, Perú.

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Press review from the Ministry of Housing / Nota periodística de la web del Ministerio de Vivienda

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In order to build the strategic vision of the province and the micro basin Chumbao to 2030, the Provincial Municipality of Andahuaylas organized the event "inhabiting the territory with participation of experts in urban development INTA, France, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina, and the participation of the National Planning of MVCS.In the first phase, which lasted four days after exposure, was held talks with representatives of all socio-economic activities of the private and public Province and civil authorities and provincial miliotares, who described his perception of the comprehensive problems of the province and its development prospects, established after an exchange of ideas and experiences that complemented the apreciaición of information received by the panelists.The second phase, which lasted three days, panelists made an assessment of the preliminary findings and analyzed and evaluated the information and basically worked the conclusions are summarized in a diagnosis, Andahuaylas Vision and development strategy, based on the expectations of all stakeholders involved, conclusions will be the guiding framework for the development of urban plans to be developed in the province.Then in open session nThe conclusions were presented to the authorities and the population rerpresentaciones who reconocierno through expressions of Mayor Oscar Rojas Palomino, the historical importance of this panel, because after 22 years can build your Plan Urban Development, consistently.Finally, the architect Luis Tagle Pizarro, Director of National Planning MVCS, like foreign panelists, received recognition from the Municipality of Andahuaylas.The event was held from 03 to 08 March this year, with the support of Eco Percy Aco Cataldo of DNU, as a panelist.


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