INTA Summer Course 2011 - Innovation in Tourism and Sustainable Regional DevelopmentThe Summer Course on "Innovation in Tourism and Sustainable Regional Development" is taking place in the Azores, Portugal from 5-10 September 2011.

More than ever, tourism and regional development have become interrelated policy areas, as they experience common challenges within the context of the new economic, environmental and social dynamics shaping the world's future.

The Summer Course is a one-week programme with a combination of visits, workshops and seminars, being held at the islands of Terceira and Sao Miguel. The programme offers participants an interdisciplinary approach to service-based industries and their relation to social, economic, environmental and spatial planning, as well as the opportunity to be engaged in an international network of experts.

Come and enjoy a intensive course on Tourism and Sustainable development in the exquisit archiplegao of the Azores.

Register now and visit our dedicated website at

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