The Phosphore teams considered the "Wacken" neighborhood from a double perspective of mixed urban use and respect for the specific features of its territory. The presence of family gardens in the north, the Kléber highschool in the south and the capacity for resilience of this zone subject to flooding significantly influenced the choices made in the development of this area.

Looking ahead to 2030, a large area of green spaces will host retaining and phyto-filtration basins for rainwater and road runoff water. A natural swimming pool functioning in a closed circuit will play a multiple role of flood prevention and phyto-purification of rain water, while offering families a place for recreational activities. The neighborhood will welcome individual and collective housing units, designed according to an evolving construction mode, and a produce market hall, which will include functions and services that are essential in an urban environment. A teaching center specializing in trades involving water will fit in perfectly in this neighborhood that will welcome many urban ecological services.

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Fernando Nunes Da Silva

La crise sanitaire de la covid-19 a brutalement révélé la fragilité de nos infrastructures et services urbains. Répondre à ces enjeux, c'est interroger l'action publique locale simultanément dans toutes ses dimensions : habiter, se nourrir, se déplacer, ...
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