tainan competition2012 International Urban Design Competition - Urban Redevelopment of Tainan Main Station Area, Taiwan (ROC)
Request for Proposal (RFP)
1 March - 15 June 2012

Tainan City is the historical and cultural birthplace of Taiwan. Tainan Main Station, now in the city centre, serves as gateway to the city and to its historical and cultural assets; it is also the area where most urban development and growth of transportation and tourism take place. Redevelopment of Tainan Main Station area will release sizeable public land for planning and development allowing to overcome the separation between downtown neighbourhoods caused by the ground-level railways, to ease the present constraint on land use, to solve traffic problems, to reduce air pollution and to repair the damage to the urban landscape.

As the Redevelopment of Tainan Main Station area is going to have major consequences on the neighbourhoods, as well as on the city image, and will shape functionality and transport systems, the City Authorities decided that the new vision of the Station area should be obtained through an International Urban Design Competition. The redevelopment and new urban design of the Station area should aim at:

1. Stimulate development of the Station' neighbourhood to forge a key landscape for the city.
2. Reintegrate various station facilities and spaces and promote mass transportation.
3. Stitch together all elements of the urban systems to facilitate renovation of decayed areas and reintegration of college communities into the urban mainstream.
4. Propose creative methods of preserving historic sites associated with the Station and reuse opportunities that can bring new ideas into the city.
5. Adhere to the concept of sustainable development by creating more green space and devising more energy saving programs.
6. Strengthen flexibility in the development process and maintain financial balance in order to care for long and short-term demands.

The jury awarded the first prize to "A39 The Spine", the second one to "A17 Eco Transition Urbanism" and the third place to "A03 The City with Multi-Skin".

Those who want more about the competiton, the jury and the selected projects are invited to consult the official web site at http://tainanrup.longi.tw/comp/

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