Alexandria: Regenerating the city

Report of an international workshop jointly written by AFD (Agence Française de Développement) and the INTA International Secretariat (Lola Davidson and Michel Sudarskis) Alexandria, the second biggest city in Egypt has throughout the ages shown its magnificence. Its recent development and rapid growth have, however, created urban constraints and weaknesses. The ongoing impressive work of […]

Preparing Khartoum for Tomorrow

The notion of “world cities” has become prominent in recent years. However, the notion remains focused on rich countries cities. Large cities in less advanced countries could legitimately pretend to have also a “world” role. Obviously, these cities differ from the richer cities in a number of ways: they are more subject to the economic, […]

Towards an African Cities Development Fund

Africa currently has three cities with more than 10 million inhabitants (Cairo 17.7 million, Lagos 13.12 million, and Kinshasa 11.58 million); 4 cities where the population is between 5 and 10 million inhabitants; 49 cities with a population of 1 to 5 million; 53 cities with between 500,000 and 1 million inhabitants; and 85 cities […]

Metropolitan Strategies – Cotonou

Within the context of the activities of the Community of Competence on Metropolisation, INTA and Deltametropool Association joined forces to design the programme In-between Metropolitan Strategies pursuing earlier discussions and exchanges on metropolitan strategies ongoing in a worldwide spectrum. During the first phase, a series of interviews have been realised to several metropolitan cases covering […]