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INTA44 - Take Care of Your City

Faced with health and climate issues, INTA44 questions the transformations, if not the ruptures, which we are witnessing rather than acting upon, concerning environmental health, the relationship between housing and work, transport and new forms of mobility, construction and new ways of living, all… Read more
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Sustainable Mobility : common challenges for cities and businesses

How public and private actors can act together to promote sustainable mobility? INTA, in partnership with WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) invites you to an online exchange between public and private sector professionals, who are involved or wish to be involved in the… Read more
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Welcome to the Future - designing post-covid19 cities

Which cities tomorrow, after COVID19, facing which challenges? With this question in mind, INTA invites you to a discussion with João Teixeira on Friday 26 March, from 4 to 6 pm (CET). This session will be held online, in English. After the global vaccination, the impact of the pandemic will not go… Read more

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Resilient Metropolises

[Reaction to the French Ministry of Territories' colloquium "Resilient Metropolises" - January 2021] The MAPATM and OUR laws have given a special status to metropolises in their trajectories to impose themselves as territories of modernity, new globalisation, attractiveness and competitiveness in a… Read more
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Lyon, Montpellier, Rennes

In closing these columns, I could not help but mention urban planning assistants who, like me, worked in the 1990s for the city "desirable development, rethinking the city to live better together, from the city that commands to the city that creates". Let Jean-Louis Violeau speak in his book Les… Read more


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