INTA 33 – Innovation and Urban Sustainability

Identifying problems and coming up with solutions are at the basis of human success . Crisis and innovation are thus closely interlinked.The feeding ground for innovation is most fertile in state of crisis. β€œThe bigger the problem, the bigger the need for new, viable ideas and thus the likelier the success of innovation.” (Mart Grisel) […]

INTA33 – Innovation in urban services

World wide, there are about 557 000 local authorities that gather talent and investment. It is the biggest market in the world, but too often the private sector neglects the importance of this huge market. Cities are not anymore able to relaunch their economy alone so they need new mecanisme and some innovative companies could […]

INTA33 – Innovation and mobility

New relationship with mobility The question of transportation and mobility has been submitted to radical changes of uses and values. Indeed we could notice a new time relationship with an increase of time of transportation. One a the answer for a better mobility in our cities could be to use more this time of transportation […]

INTA33 – Innovative Urban Environments: final congress statement

Cities play a pivotal role in national economic growth. Large conurbations, in particular benefit from a large and skilled labour force, economic of scale and the agglomeration of business activities, has the efficiency due to the clustering of firms of the given industry or related industries, as well as demand for intermediate and consumer goods […]

INTA33 – Innovation in governance and partnerships

Innovation comes from governance, but there are not intrinsic rules for governance. Governance is like architecture: it depends on each type of culture, and this is where we will find innovation. Innovation is collective intelligence and governance is part of this collective interaction. Cities are in worldwide competition without national affiliation. Urbanity is not nationality. […]

Urban Regeneration and Revitalization International Forum – Final declaration

The Federation of Real Estate Development Associations of Taiwan, the Real Estate Development Association of Taipei, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (APAUD Lab, TAIWAN TECH), the Association of Glocal Development (AGLD), the Cross-Straits Federation for Planning and Industry for Urban and Rural Development and the International Urban Development Association, co-organizers of the […]