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Mrs. Christine Alexandre


URBAN PROGRAMMING TRAINING COURSE                                    Cities need method

ttitudes Urbaines is a consulting firm specialised in urbanism and building programs, dedicated to helping contracting authorities define their urban projects. In 2010, the firm and a group of partners (Filigrane, ER.AMP, MDTS, Objectif Ville, Pablo Katz Architecture, RR&A), active in various professional networks, research and training programs, decided to form a scientific group to create Aptitudes Urbaines, a new training program, information source and network.

Our professional practice has made us aware of the growing complexity of town planning processes. We are convinced that urban programming offers a new way to deal with this growing complexity, for instance in cases of urban renewal or sustainable city projects. Fundamentally it’s a way of helping clients and political deciders frame their strategic and operational agenda, through an urban program, open, able to adapt, and bearer of shared values.
To help a growing community of stakeholders address these issues, we designed Les Matinales, a continuing education course in urban programing. When engaged in the training, participants also benefit from:
- Workshops, where each one can present and discuss specific cases with the group
- the Club, the network bringing together students, trainers, leading figures and associated insitutions.
- the Newsletter

The Matinales training program, the Club and the Newsletter are designed for all stakeholders in urbanism, practitioners of all kinds, private clients and all levels of public governance… (public servants in towns, but also city councils, regional or any other local authorities, architects, landscape architects, urban design and urban planning consulting firms, ministries designing urban regulations…)

A network of experts, institutions and leading figures support us, among which are : Jacques Cabanieu, Patrick Chotteau, Pierre Colboc, Jean-Pierre Courtiau, Philippe Druon, Martine Gestin, Pablo Katz, Dominique Oudot Saint-Géry, Christian Romon, Bernard Roth, Nicole Sitruk, Michel Sudarskis, Jodelle Zetlaoui et Bendicht Weber.
Started with the help of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2010, Aptitudes Urbaines is nowadays supported by the Mission Interministérielle pour la Qualité des Constructions Publiques (multiple ministry authority aiming at raising the standards of cities’ qualities), the Association Architecture et Maître d’Ouvrage (architecture and contracting authorities association), the Société Française des Architectes (Architect’s association), l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette (Higher architectural school of Paris La Villette, l’Association Internationale pour le Développement Urbain (INTA) et l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture.

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