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INTA Appoints Helle Juul, DK as New President

INTA Appoints Helle Juul, DK as New President

INTA – International Urban Development Association is delighted to announce the appointment of Helle Juul as its new President. Helle Juul is the cofounder of JUULFROST Architects in Copenhagen. With a profound commitment to enhancing urban living and a distinguished career in urban design and development, Helle Juul brings a wealth of experience and a fresh vision to the organization.

Vision for INTA: Helle Juul envisions a transformative approach to urban development that emphasizes sustainability, livability, and the integration of artistic and aesthetic values into urban planning. Her ultimate focus is that Health is an ethical challenge for our cities. Ethical, because climate changes, ecology, loneliness and unhealthy lifestyles are challenges where society calls for political action and politics calls for community action. It requires that we work together across municipalities,companies, educational institutions and sectors.

Her leadership will focus on fostering collaboration among practitioners, policymakers, and communities to create vibrant, inclusive, and resilient urban spaces.

Helle Juul’s Contribution: Helle Juul is widely recognized for her innovative contributions to making cities more livable and sustainable. With extensive experience in managing national and international projects, Helle has been instrumental in advising and consulting for leading educational institutions across Scandinavia. Her dual role as a researcher and practitioner – (as co-founder of JUULFROST Architects and Ph.D at the Royal academy in Copenhagen) has been central to her work, ensuring a seamless integration of theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Helle’s approach to urban design is rooted in viewing the city as an interconnected whole, where every scale—from individual spaces to entire neighborhoods—plays a crucial role. This holistic perspective is evident in her projects, which consistently strive to balance concept and realization, theory and practice.

“I am honored to take on the role of President at INTA. Our cities are the heart of our communities, and it is our responsibility to ensure they are sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant places for all inhabitants. Together with our talented team and members, I am excited to push the boundaries of urban development and create lasting positive change.”

The list of members elected by the General Assembly besides the president and vice-presidents:
• Luis BUEZO DE MANZANEDO (Peru), Louis HENRY (France), Robert OLIVIER (Canada)
• Germanico PINTO (Ecuador), Alejandra RODRIGUEZ (Colombia), Francesc VENTURA (Spain)

Vice Presidents Supporting Helle Juul: Alongside Helle Juul, INTA has selected 3 new Vice Presidents who will be instrumental in guiding INTA’s strategic and crossdisciplinary direction:

Sabina Mujkić, Slovenia – Dr. Sabina Mujkić is an urban and spatial planner, researcher, and a consultant in sustainable urban development. She has been employed at the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia since 2003. Dr. Mujkić obtained her Doctorate in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Etienne Lhomet, France – Graduated from the National School of Public Works of the State (ENTPE), Etienne Lhomet has extensive expertise in engineering and project management of urban transport systems. He possesses concrete and in-depth experience in the design of major projects and associated restructurings,

Guido Javier Valdivia Rodríguez, Peru – Guido Javier Valdivia Rodríguez, an industrial engineer from the University of Lima, is a consultant on real estate, housing, urban, and territorial issues. Until 2015, he was the Executive Vice President of Grupo Invertir, a consultancy specializing in local territorial and economic development projects.

Jean-Michel EVIN (France) Tresurer 

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