A Dialogue on Urban Development between Europe and Japan

Niigata has the assets to project itself internationally
Niigata presents a wide range of opportunities to assert itself as region and as city i.e. as a regional gateway; both the city and the Prefecture of Niigata have many of the features identified earlier to play a major role at all levels: international, national, regional

Niigata City is located approximately 300km Northwest of Tokyo and at the Japanese gateway to Northeast Asia. It is the largest Japanese city along the coast of the Sea of Japan and has a population of about 530,000 with a land area of 231.94k㎡.

Traditionally, Niigata has been outward looking in its development and has welcomed overseas influence. Now, more prosperous than ever, the people of Niigata are ready to follow their natural leaders into new projects like the PEARL project.

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