Alexandria: Regenerating the city

Report of an international workshop jointly written by AFD (Agence Française de DĂŠveloppement) and the INTA International Secretariat (Lola Davidson and Michel Sudarskis) Alexandria, the second biggest city in Egypt has throughout the ages shown its magnificence. Its recent development and rapid growth have, however, created urban constraints and weaknesses. The ongoing impressive work of […]

Preparing Khartoum for Tomorrow

The notion of “world cities” has become prominent in recent years. However, the notion remains focused on rich countries cities. Large cities in less advanced countries could legitimately pretend to have also a “world” role. Obviously, these cities differ from the richer cities in a number of ways: they are more subject to the economic, […]

Pont de Claix – Imagining the town within the future metropolitan area

The scope and responsibilities of Grenoble-Alpes MĂŠtropole (the urban area authority) are to be extended, calling into question the relationship between the dense city centre and the suburban areas to the south, in which the town of Pont-de-Claix occupies a strategic position alongside the “South Hub” of the urban area and the cantons of Vif, […]

Towards an African Cities Development Fund

Africa currently has three cities with more than 10 million inhabitants (Cairo 17.7 million, Lagos 13.12 million, and Kinshasa 11.58 million); 4 cities where the population is between 5 and 10 million inhabitants; 49 cities with a population of 1 to 5 million; 53 cities with between 500,000 and 1 million inhabitants; and 85 cities […]

Metro in Progress – transition and changes in metropolitan construction

The INTA ‘Community of Competence on Metropolisation’ and the Deltametropolis Association are developing a worldwide comparison of Metropolitan Strategies through the ongoing Programme Metro in Progress. Urban development is undergoing transitional changes: territories are widening from the district level to the city level; from the city to the agglomeration; and from the agglomeration to the […]

INTA35 – Metropolises: development strategies and alliances – NAHRO Report

Report from our American partner NAHRO on the INTA35 conference U.S. representatives at INTA 35 included a delegation of four NAHRO members. NAHRO delegation member Joseph Gray was impressed by “the opportunity to have a growing relationship with an international urban development organization” and stated, “It’s clear that INTA has a broader membership that goes […]

INTA34 – Rethinking your urban region – Sessions reports

SUMMARY – Together we face the challenge of accelerating change and instantaneous communication, although the impact may be manifested differently in societies and places throughout the world. – Past concepts of an idealised ‘utopia’ and old rule books are no longer relevant as management tools today. – Rather than be shaped and driven by change […]

Tenjin Meiji-dori Avenue District – The Future of a 3D High-street

At the request of the Tenjin Meiji-dori Ave. Development Council (MDC), INTA assembled a panel of experienced international practitioners in urban regeneration and planning to assist in the redevelopment of the central area of Fukuoka. Some of the panellists were already familiar with Japan and its cities, but the City of Fukuoka was new to […]

Tall buildings in Gdansk: fashion or necessity?

In Poland tall buildings are an important topic of debate and nowhere more so than in Gdansk. The Pomeranian metropolis is set to grow significantly over the next two decades. Change in population and jobs growth will increase demands for the better use of residential and increasingly commercial office space. This is a vital issue, […]

Hsinchu 3.0, City of the Future

Reflections stemming from the panel’s work in Hsinchu, focusing on development principles for the whole site and in particular for the new Campus. The whole area is branded “Hsinchu 3.0, City of the future” to describe a new type of development, integrating the latest notions and techniques of urban sustainability. Also a demonstration that a […]