Have we reached a limit in making the city? Metropolisation of River basins: between threats and opportunities

INTA โ€“ Real Corp 2012 International Roundtable - Conclusions + Programme

The latest working session of the Community of Competence on Metropolisation (CCMetro) took place in Schwechat (Austria) at the occasion of the 17th International Real Corp Conference.

The mandate of the CC Metropolisation is to explore and propose new and innovative solutions to pressing metropolitan development issues. The debate in Schwechat focused on development strategies for territories in fragile environmental situation such as those threaten by climate change and rise of water level : large river basins like the Rhine and the Danube or delta areas like in The Netherlands or Romania. The viennese working session gathered representatives from the most of the countries in the Danube-Rhine corridor: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania.

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