Mission of INTA in La Réunion - Summary of outcomes of the consultation

In its capacity as an INTA member, the Development Corporation for the Western Territories (TCO) requested the Association to assemble a group of international practitioners, called the INTA Mission, with a two-fold purpose:

  • Mission A. To consider and advise on complex issues relating to the functioning and development of the urban core of the western territory at the double scale of the « heart of the agglomeration » (5,000 hectares, 290,000 inhabitants), and the large opportunity site known as Cambaie/Oméga (vacant site of 200 hectares). Based on their experience of comparable projects, views were sought from the INTA Mission on (a) the process followed to date by TCO in launching a competition for the selection of consultants to provide services of “Maîtrise d’œuvre” and (b) the likely problems and opportunities that could emerge from this process;
  • Mission B. To stimulate debate and to advise on policies for the gradual removal and/or rehabilitation of housing deemed unfit for human habitation, as well as housing built illegally on agricultural land, in natural parks or in ravines with attendant risks to life through flooding or ground slippage.

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