Pont de Claix - Imagining the town within the future metropolitan area

The scope and responsibilities of Grenoble-Alpes Métropole (the urban area authority) are to be extended, calling into question the relationship between the dense city centre and the suburban areas to the south, in which the town of Pont-de-Claix occupies a strategic position alongside the “South Hub” of the urban area and the cantons of Vif, the Trièves, the Matheysine and the Vizille area. Having launched its “town project” four years ago and its Local Urban Development Plan more recently, Pont-de-Claix is conscious of its rich potential to revive, reach out and attract, and of how it fits in with the changes affecting the metropolitan area as a whole.

The town council wished to draw on this observation, consider it in greater depth and share it as widely as possible, in particular by commissioning an appraisal from an international panel of urban planning experts, which has been put together by the INTA (International Urban Development Association, September 2014). This approach revolves around sharing practices and experiences and aims to formalise or complete the strategic longterm decisions made concerning the regeneration of Pont-de-Claix, with a view to affirming its new role as a hub within the metropolitan area.

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