Tenjin Meiji-dori Avenue District - The Future of a 3D High-street

At the request of the Tenjin Meiji-dori Ave. Development Council (MDC), INTA assembled a panel of experienced international practitioners in urban regeneration and planning to assist in the redevelopment of the central area of Fukuoka. Some of the panellists were already familiar with Japan and its cities, but the City of Fukuoka was new to many of us. Our aim was to give our hosts a frank reflection of the issues and the options raised by the development and restructuring of the Central area of Fukuoka.

Our report will need to be followed up by much more detailed studies and analysis. But we have brought to this report our collective experience of other towns and cities. And we have had a unique opportunity to hear the views and evidence of a wide range of people. Some of them are already intimately involved in the overall development, others have focused on specific areas and issues. All of them have come with a positive interest in the urban development of Fukuoka.

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