Message from Fernando Nunes da Silva

Message from
Fernando Nunes da Silva

"Dear colleagues of INTA
After a few challenging years for our association, we have managed to overcome the difficulties, and at the last General Assembly in March, held in Paris, we elected a new Board of Directors.

As I conclude this mandate of more than four years, extended due to the pandemic, I want to sincerely thank the colleagues..."

Message slider Helle Juul

INTA Appoints Helle Juul, DK as New President

“I am honored to take on the role of President at INTA. Our cities are the heart of our communities, and it is our responsibility to ensure they are sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant places for all inhabitants. Together with our talented team and members, I am excited to push the boundaries of urban development and create lasting positive change.”

General Assembly 2024 march 22

INTA General Assembly

2024 march 22

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Our Goal

INTA is an independent association that brings together highly qualified public and private players in urban development. With members in an international network of 60 countries, INTA supports local and national leaders and institutions in improving the living conditions for all inhabitants.

Founded in 1974, INTA is dedicated to strengthening urban development worldwide by leveraging the unique experiences and resources of its over 2000 members. Recognized by the United Nations and the Council of Europe, INTA provides peer-to-peer counsel, strategic support, and technical advice to leaders and institutions working towards balanced urban development.

3 Main Areas of Action

to reach this goal

Share knowledge

Facilitating the exchange of experiences and knowledge among public decision-makers.

Engage actors

Organizing professional "Peer-to-Peer Panels" to co-produce innovative solutions.

Extend practices

Promoting the integration of urban development practices through regional, metropolitan, and rural networks.

International activities

INTA Annual Congress

Encouraging a better dialogue between policy leaders and key actors responsible for the development of urban areas

Peer-to-Peer Panels

At the request of public sector bodies, international experts are invited to review and advise on complex urban issues

Training sessions

Meeting the needs of members by creating training programs that address emerging trends and themes


Our Network

Territorial and urban stakeholders:
public authorities, elected officials, practitioners, investors,
industrialists, developers, researchers…