Mr. Thomas Kiwitt

Verband Region Stuttgart

Managing Director


Mr. Thomas Kiwitt

Thomas Kiwitt is head of the department of regional planning in one of Germany's most densely populated and prosperous regions. He leads the implementation of Stuttgart Region's spatial strategy for mitigation and adaptation, which comprises the enforcement of mandatory guidelines for spatial development, consultancy and support services for local authorities and research activities. Recently he coordinates a pilot project to improve sustainable transportation in Stuttgart Region. Within the European Network of Metropolitan Areas and Regions (METREX) he is a member of the working groups for major infrastructure and urban‐rural cooperation. He is a member of the German academy for spatial research and plannings' study group for regional planning and the Baden‐Württemberg committee. He is a lecturer and member of the advisory board at the masters program for city planning at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart. Thomas Kiwitt holds "Dipl.‐Ing." degree for spatial and environmental planning from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Prior to working for Stuttgart Region, he has been working for cities and regions in Germany as well as for the metropolitan administration of Jakarta, Indonesia.

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