M. Pierre Laconte

INTA Member
Foundation for the Urban Environment



M. Pierre Laconte

♦ President
♦ Dr of Laws and Dr of Economics, former Fulbright Scholar
Publications. “Brussels: Perspectives on a European Capital”, co-edited with Carola Hein, shared the
Society for Human Ecology 2008 Award for best publication of the year. Other publications include “Water
Resources and Land-Use Planning; A Systems Approach” and “Human and Energy Factors in Urban
Planning: A Systems Approach” (both in 1982).  
President, Foundation for the Urban Environment (www.ffue.org),  
President, International Society of City and Regional Planners (www.isocarp.org). Theme of 2008  
Congress (Dalian, China): “Urban Sprawl”. Theme of 2009 Congress (Porto): “Low Carbon Cities”.
Vice-Chairman, Scientific Committee of the European Environmental Agency, in charge of urban and
spatial matters (www.eea.europa.eu).  
Honorary SG of the International Association of Public Transport – UITP.
Was one of the three partners of the Groupe Urbanisme-Architecture, created in 1University of Louvain to produce the Master plan of a new university town, near Brussels (adopted in
1970), and co-ordinate its implementation. This new university town, called Louvain-la-Neuve, was built
along the model of traditional European university towns. It received the Abercrombie Award 1982 of the
International Union of Architects (UIA). It has a day/night population of some 30.000. A book about this
early eco-town came out in August 2009 at Editions du Certu (French national centre for transport and
planning studies).  
Was Delegate of the Belgian Government at the UN Habitat Conferences I and II (1976/1996) and at the
Kyoto Conference on Climate (1997). Full member of the German Akademie der Künste, Berlin (Sektion
Baukunst). Council member of Europa Nostra, the Paneuropean federation of heritage associations.  
Member of the Lee Kwan Yew World City Prize Council.

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