Mr. Mehron Kirk

INTA Member
Building Design Partnership Limited

Landscape Architect Director

United Kingdom

Mr. Mehron Kirk

Landscape architect, Mehron is a Director of BDP Landscape and an Associate Director of BDP. He worked on several projects in France which gave him a good knowledge of the french urban project management (he worked in EPAD- La Défense- and EPA Cergy-Pontoise–Public corporation of town planning). He works on public space masterplans, landscape and urban design strategies, new mix used development…

From 1998 to Present – BDP landscape and Urbanism Team

Presentation of papers and participation at conferences:
•    Presentation at the ‘rendez-vous d’Architecture’ in Paris, on the subject ‘the Quality of Architecture in Europe’ on behalf of the French Ministère de la Culture. November 2002
•    Presentation at the ‘Rencontres Ramau’ in Paris on the subject « Nouvelles professionnalités en Europe », March 2002
•    ‘Mission d’expertise’ on behalf of INTA, on the future development of ‘le carré de soie’ Vaux-en-Velin, France. May 2002
•    Presentation and member of the international jury for summer workshop for urban planning (IFHP) “Public space and the beauty of the city” September 2004 & 2006
•    Presentation at a conference on sustainability in Aubagne, Southern France discussing UK mixed use developments. May 2006
•    Committee member representing BDP International SC and UK representative on the advisory panel and multidisciplinary international jury for urban planning / design competitions. - "Les Ateliers d’Ete de Cergy Pontoise, France”
•    Urban form, density and quality of life, Japan (November 2002)
•    Tourisme & Patrimoine, les developpement durable des montagnes du Doi-Tung, Thailand (November 2001)
•    Les Effets Durables de L’Ephemere, la Plaine de France (August 2001)
•    Centre Ancien et Centralites, Pointoise (August 2000)
•    L’Urbanisme des Logements de Grande Densite, Canton, China (November 1999)
•    Artere Urbaine et Vie Locale, L’autoroute integree a un tissu urbain, Cergy Pontoise (August 1999)

Project Experience:

La Seyne Sur Mer
Design team leader for an international design competition for a 7hectare former navel dockyards, along the sea front, adjacent to the town centre. Currently preparing detailed proposals prior to the implementation of the project in 2004.
Marseille City Centre, France
Project co-ordinator for the development of the public realm masterplan for Marseille City Centre. This involved a strategic review of all the streets and spaces within the city centre and preparing
preliminary design solutions for the complexity of urban spaces

Lewisham – Cormill Gardens
Design of a new public open space adjacent to Lewisham Town Centre. The project includes the naturalisation of the river Ravensbourne and associated town square, new paths, lawn and children’s play area

Woodwharf, Docklands London
Preparation of a public realm masterplan and detail proposals for the Woodwharf development, which is directly adjoining Canary Wharf in East London. This involves working along side the masterplan architects in producing a series of new streets and spaces and proposing a palette of materials and street furniture.

Ladywell Fields, Lewisham
Design proposals for the rejuvenation of an existing park with improvements to the river channel and enhances pedestrian spaces and circulation

Bognor Regis
Design team leader for the development of a series of design studies which include: a public realm handbook for this seaside town in the south of England, specific proposals for the enhancement of key development sites throughout the town centre and concept to preparation of site contract documents for works to the High Street and strategic gateway sites.

The production of a public realm masterplan for Chichester, which included design principals and suggestions for the main city streets including paving, street furniture, lighting and art, which were encompassed within a detailed masterplan proposal. We are currently developing our preliminary ideas and providing design advice for the council for numerous schemes around the City

Saxton Road Home Zone
The main objective was to achieve traffic calming by the careful positioning of car parks and the development of focus points along this long street. We realigned one end of the street to allow the creation of a new community green and got local residents to actively take part in art projects through a comprehensive public consultation process and a series of design workshops.

Charlbury Homezone
The projects objectives were to achieve traffic calming at the same time as enhancing local community space achieving a high impact, low cost solution along the streets and a redefined village green at the entrance to the area. This project involved extensive public consultation and working with a number of artists.

West London Transport Studies
Design studies for areas near to and approaching train and bus stations and stops. These were primarily public realm improvements and aimed at providing an enhanced pedestrian experience by reorganising vehicular circulation and parking, clearing clutter and introducing wider pavements and co-ordinated street furniture.

Saint Denis, France
Strategic urban design for the integration of the Basilique shopping centre into the existing town centre context.

Newbury Town Centre
Currently developing design proposals for a series of new lanes linked to a new mixed use development. As this project will be a key area within Newbury Town Centre, and we are introducing a complete palette of paving and street furniture, we are now assisting and advising the local council on adjoining projects in their choice of street elements and overall design.

Bridgwater Town Centre
Preparation of design proposals, tender documents and site works coordinator for the enhancement of the main streets and public spaces in the town centre.

Shambles, Manchester
Public Realm design for the public space associated with the shambles project in the heart of Manchester City Centre. Preparation of full tender and construction stage package.

Liverpool Ropewalks
Strategic development and Detail design for the enhancement of the public realm for the Ropeworks historic district of Liverpool.

Quartier Foch, Chaumont, France
Urban design strategy and detail design for a new mixed landuse district on the site of a former military barracks.
Lyon St Exupery Airport, France
Project Co-ordinator within the design team preparing future masterplan proposals for this International Airport.

Neuville Universite, Cergy Pontoise, France
Preparing a landscape and urban design strategy for the new-town of Cergy Pontoise, linking a University, the extension of the ‘Axe Majeur’and an adjacent regional park.

Place de la Salle des Fêtes, Champagnole, France
Detail design and preparation of contract documents for a new urban square associated with the redevelopment of the town centre and a new festival hall.

Bou Regreg Rabat, Morocco
Development masterplan for a new district adjacent to the existing town centre, incorporation commercial, residential and leisure facilities.

Oerial Lisbon, Portugal
Development masterplan for a new settlement to the northwest of Lisbon incorporating 110 hectares of residential, community and commercial facilities.

New World Retail and Leisure Park, Taiwan
Preparation of the landscape proposals and masterplan for this new complex at Keelung.

Working with the EPA Cergy Pontoise on current projects within the new town and responsible for the preparation and research on themes for future international competitions.
Active participation in urban planning competitions:
•    Ho Chi Mihn Ville et la Riviere Saigon (November 1998)
•    La Ville st ses Lisieres, Cergy Pontoise (August 1996)

1997 (April - September)
EPAD (Etablissement Public pour L’Amenagement de la region de La Defense), France
Landscape Architect of EPAD (temporary position) - project concepts and strategic planning, site supervision and management of major urban projects. These included: Les Jardins de l’Arche, Rn 314, and Parc des Bords de Seine.

October 1996 – March 1997
East Sussex County Council: Working within the Landscape group, preparing design proposals, tender drawings, site inspections and environmental impact studies.

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