Ms. Hana Hertzman

Municipality of Holon



Ms. Hana Hertzman

Hana Hertsman, Managing Director, Municipality of Holon, Israel

Hana Hertsman has been the director general of the municipality of Holon, one of the ten largest cities in Israel located south of Tel Aviv, for 15 years (since 1993).
In addition to her position as the Holon municipality's director general, Hertsman is a board of directors member of each one of the municipality's subsidiary companies (e.g. the financial company, culture companies etc.), as well as of the Israeli Broadcast Authority and Israel Festival.
Hertsman has been leading Holon's City of Children's vision, a concept requiring the municipality employees to promote it. She adjusted the municipality's organizational structure to the city's vision and established a set of work plans, incorporating the managerial staff, and a service treaty between the staff and residents.
In addition Hertsman has been leading several innovative projects, e.g. founding Israel's Children's Museum, an innovative municipal library, the Digital Arts Center, Puppetry Center and story gardens; she has changed the city's on-street aesthetics by applying a unique design to on-street amenities. Nowadays she is leading the processes of constructing the Design Museum and transforming the city into a healthy and sustainable one.
Hertsman has an MA in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University.

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