Mrs. Michelle Provoost

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Mrs. Michelle Provoost

Michelle Provoost (1964) is an architectural historian, curator and consultant on urban planning and architecture affairs. After finishing her studies at Groningen University she taught and lectured there (1990-1993), before establishing the office Crimson Architectural Historians in 1994, in Rotterdam. With Crimson she engaged in a large number of research and design projects in the field of urban planning, architecture and art. From 1998-2001 she worked as a curator at the Netherlands Architectural Institute, where she organized two major exhibitions and edited the accompanying publications. From 1999-2007 Michelle Provoost has been a staff member and project leader of WiMBY!, an urban regeneration project in Rotterdam-Hoogvliet. In 2003 she wrote her PhD. publication on the Dutch architect Hugh Maaskant. Michelle Provoost is the author of many books, publications and articles in national and international magazines; she lectures regularly in different European countries; she has been involved in many municipal, national and private committees and jury's and she teaches regularly at different Academies of Architecture.

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