Mr. Rob van der Bijl

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Mr. Rob van der Bijl

Van der Bijl is an urban planner, independent consultant and ‘TOD doctor’ with an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based practice known for its innovative approach to research and design. His projects are characterized by a multidisciplinary approach at the intersections of urban planning, transport, culture and technology. Van der Bijl received his engineering degree and Ph.D. from the University of Technology in Delft (Netherlands). Recent projects include, application of transit oriented development (TOD), assessment of real estate potential of public transport station environments, design and construction of bus and tramway infrastructure. Van der Bijl applies internationally his in-depth knowledge of Dutch cycling.

Brief selection of TOD-related work
Since 1987 when Rob van der Bijl founded his urban planning office TOD was an important topic in many assignments and projects, explicitly related to rail-based public transport (, since 1998), and recently extended to social empowerment (, since 2009). He welcomed cities and their municipalities as clients, or assisted urban regions and entrepreneurs. Particularly he was happy to support citizens and grass roots initiatives. Moreover he taught and published a lot regarding TOD.

TOD, urban planning, networks, stations, infrastructure
Hasselt-Maastricht (BE/NL), tramway project (2014) Fukuoka (JP), city & region, TOD-design and –research (2011-2013) Aruba (AW), city centre, tramway, highway (2010) Utrecht (NL), tramway project (2008-2014) Toyama (JP), TOD research light rail project (2008) Abu Dhabi (UAE), urban framework planning (2008) Zwolle-Kampen (NL), prize winner light rail competition (2007-2008) Aarhus (DK), regional network, light rail (2005) Arnhem-Nijmegen (NL), regional TOD-planning (2004-2012) Oslo (NO), region & city, new public transport (2004-2005) Groningen (NL), city & region, tramway project (2002-2012) Stavanger (NO), light rail, main station environment (2003-2006) Amsterdam (NL), region & city, nodes and networks (1999-2008) Utrecht (NL), main station project (1999) Rotterdam (NL), city & region, metro stations (1992-2000) The Hague (NL), tramway stations / ‘Souterrain’ (1992-1996)

TOD, Aerotropolises
Amsterdam/Foundation EFL (NL), Networking Schiphol (pending, 2014) Fukuoka (JP), international terminal-city bus link proposal (2013) Eindhoven (NL), airport-city bus link, plan & implementation (2012-2013) Eindhoven (NL), urban and regional planning, regional airport (2012) Fukuoka (JP), accessibility/connectivity airport (2011-2012) Nijmegen-Kleve/Weeze (NL/DE), regional connection airport (2010-2012) Aruba (AW), public transport & airport (2010)
Amsterdam (NL), city, public transport, Schiphol connection (2007) Groningen-Assen (NL), regional planning, connection airport (2006) Weeze (DE), Weeze Airport conference (2005) Stavanger (NO), regional accessibility/connectivity airport (2005-2006) Sunderland (UK), light rail, connection to Newcastle airport (2005) Nizhny Novgorod (RU), ‘business/airport bus’ proposal (2003) Amsterdam (NL), regional urban nodes (i.e. Schiphol) research (2002)

TOD, publications
TOD-Schiphol (planned article, 2014) TOD, beknopte geschiedenis (brief history) (article, 2013) Station Centraal (010 Publishers, 2010) Toyama’s new tram. A paragon of sustainable development (article, 2009) Light rail suffers from institutional limbo (article, 2007) HiTrans Best practice guides (ed. 5 handbooks, 2005) Light rail & regionale planning (article, 2003) Das groβe Umsteigen – The big transfer (Topos, 2000) Leicht durch Stadt und Landschaft – Light Rail, a convenient means of regional and city transport. (Topos, 1998)

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