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 Iemke Idsingh

Acting as a Public Sector Solutions Director in the Oracle Industry Business Unit for Government,
Mr. Iemke Idsingh carries the worldwide responsibility for the Oracle Smart City Platform .

Mr. Idsingh develops strategic, functional and technical business development activities – translating the wide range of Oracle solutions into value for Cities that aspire to move to the next level of maturity in livability. He creates awareness and builds key relationships with partners and customers around the world to ensure the growth in Oracle's long standing position in helping cities to innovate; helping cities to create a Citywide Nervous System, allowing cities to establish a Sentient Infrastructure that connects Cities with its Citizens in a sustainable way.

Representing over 25 years of experience in both Oracle and Siebel, of which over 20 years in Public Sector, Mr. Idsingh advised customers, partners and colleagues on the potential role of Oracle Technology and Applications solutions. Mr. Idsingh played a pivotal role in the development of the market for Case Management in Europe. His Public Sector domain knowledge as well as his strong architectural and Oracle solutions expertise supports Oracle to modernize even more government agencies.

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Oracle in Local Government

About Oracle

Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center.  For more information about Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), visit

Oracle Smart City Platform

Empowering Citizens. Engaging Business. Connecting Departments.
Provides a modular solution set for transformation, including technologies and applications that consolidate IT infrastructures, support current and future systems, and improve service delivery.

Oracle Smart City Platform - Summary

Oracle’s Smart City Platform provides all ingredients to establish a Sentient City Network, allowing cities to become livable to its residents. Starting with traditional City Service and City Operations, the Citizen Empowerment and Sustainable City capabilities of the platform are at the basis of further innovation and ignite the collaborative creativity of both cities and residents. The Oracle Smart City Platform supports the joint responsibility held by citizens and governments to shape the city of the future today.

Urbanization brings large scale challenges to both city governments and citizens. Cities are increasingly held accountable for the wellbeing of their residents while at the same time risk losing control because of the sheer size of the ecosystem that comprises a city. Citizens, enabled with modern technology, are in the position to take on more responsibility for the quality of life in their communities.
Matching the city’s accountability with citizens’ responsibilities requires the city and its residents to work together in a more intelligent way.
Information technology is becoming a strong enabler for cities to turn into intelligent cities, cities of the 21st century that appreciate the power of the communities while also respecting their legal and political responsibilities. Cities that understand this potential will create a Citywide Nervous System that establishes the foundation for intense collaboration between all constituents in a city.

Oracle’s Smart City Platform addresses the requirements of cities that want to establish this Sentient City Network: listening to what is happening in a city, intelligently defining the response to citizen and environmental feedback and controlling the actions that are needed to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Oracle Smart City Platform - More

The Oracle Smart City Platform is a comprehensive range of solutions addressing the ever increasing need to provide businesses and citizens with transparent, efficient and intelligent engagement with their local authority/administration - through any channel - for any purpose, from information requests and government programs enrollment, to incident reporting or scheduling inspections, to complete online start-up of a local business. Development, implementation and refinement of such a multi-channel, single point-of-contact platform to all government organizations lays the foundation for a range of additional capabilities from business recruitment and retention to self-selecting, interest- and knowledge-based communities amongst citizens to improved management of civil contingencies and emergency disaster planning.

City officials will use Oracle’s Smart City Platform to establish a unified view of all aspects of the city operation, the quality of life in their city, the impact of initiatives taken, and the feedback from their residents. The City Platform brings together data from multiple sources for analysis by a cross-discipline business intelligence layer. Operating a city on the basis of shared services and processes drive down costs while opening opportunities for businesses and citizens to connect and action themselves. Processes spanning multiple actors within and outside the city are integrated once deployed on this open nervous system. The expected stellar growth in data production and sharing is supported by the elasticity of Oracle’s Smart City Platform innovations in database, servers and storage facilities.

Government Organizations get Better Results with Oracle

Governments worldwide use Oracle's complete solutions to become more responsive, efficient, and accountable as they modernize operations and enhance services.

  •        Modernize your IT infrastructure and eliminate application silos through the systematic consolidation and integration of IT infrastructure assets
  •        Extend legacy systems as Web services, and integrate with native Web services through service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  •        Implement a single-constituent view by securely integrating information silos from multiple departments and programs as a single source of truth
  •        Increase transparency and efficiency by designing processes that deliver shared services and adapt to changing government regulations
  •        Transform the delivery of government services to constituents and deliver integrated and streamlined services across departments and agencies
  •        Implement continuous improvement in service delivery through the systematic adoption of performance and analysis tools
  •        National and local governments are working to modernize their IT infrastructures within the constraints of existing budgets and legacy IT assets
  •        Pressed to provide services quickly and cost effectively, public-sector leaders must modernize the IT infrastructure and increase efficiency
  •        Only Oracle enables the next generation of government services delivery with flexible systems that integrate across functions and departments
  •        Only Oracle delivers a complete, open platform of database, middleware, applications, servers, and storage systems to transform your organization
  •        Oracle offers market-leading solutions, including integrated and extensible data center platforms and ERP suites for human resources, financial management, procurement, and citizen relationship management
  •        Only Oracle can provide all the key components, including servers, storage, virtualized operating environments, database, middleware, and applications-all based on industry standards
  •        Oracle Public Sector solutions are supported by expert implementation specialists and a worldwide partner ecosystem

Oracle provides public-sector leaders with a complete, open, and integrated suite of applications, servers, and storage solutions engineered to work together to optimize every aspect of government operations.


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