Mr. Kei Minohara

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Minohara Project Conductor's Office (MPCO)



Mr. Kei Minohara

Urban planner. Pres. of Minohara Project Conductor’s Office. Graduated from Department of Education, Tokyo Univ. in 1958, and College of Science and Technology, Nihon Univ. in 1960. Joined the Ministry of Works in 1960, and started studying urban planning at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School next year. Worked as Urban Planning Manager at Ibaraki Prefectural Government, and as House Building Manager at the Ministry of Works. In 1985, retired from the Ministry. He’s currently a private urban planner and urban consultant. In 2003, awarded The City Planning Institute of Japan Ishikawa Prize for his many years achievement. His main works include Makuhari New Center, Makuhari Baytown Project, Fukuoka Island City Plan, Hiroshima Moto-machi Revitalization Plan, etc.

Ancien directeur de l'habitat et de la Construction du Japon, Grand Prix d'urbanisme du Japon.
Born in Tokyo, 1933. Brought up in Fukuoka City. Liberal Arts from Tokyo University and B.A. in Architecture from Nihon University. Worked as public officials for 25 years, in Ministry of Construction formulating policies in urban planning and housing also in Ibaraki Prefecture implementing them. Since 1985 worked as private planning consultant. President of Minohara Project Conductor’s Office since1989. Engaged in many planning and urban design projects including Rokuban Ike Public Housing and Makuhari Bay Town. Awarded Achievement Award by Architecturral Institute of Japan as Director of Housing Department of Ibaraki Prefecture for renovating design of public housing also awarded Ishikawa Prize (Annual Grand Prize) by City Planning Institute of Japan for bridging urban planning and housing. Author of many books and articles including “Renovating City Making”,1998. “Urban Regeneration for Maturity” 2003, both by Gakugei-Suppannsha.

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