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Mr. Paul Gerretsen

Paul Gerretsen is chief designer in the fields of regional planning, urban planning and architecture. He has studied at the renowned Universities TU Delft and ETH Zurich. He graduated with honourable mention in 1999 at the TU Delft as Master of Architecture.  After his education he has been employed by the Dutch National Spatial Planning Agency where he has been involved in studies for the development of strategic regional planning.  
From 2003 Paul Gerretsen has worked at Maxwan Architects and Urbanists on both urban and regional planning projects.
He has been the project leader of the prestigious Barking Riverside Master Plan, a new town for 25’000 people in East-London and the regional project “Deltametropool”, a study on the future of the Randstad Region in the Netherlands, housing 7 million inhabitants.
Between 2005 and 2007 Paul Gerretsen was appointed Director of the South Wing Studio for Research and Design of the Province South-Holland. In this function he was responsible for projects and publications considering topics such as the Network City, Accessibility and Mixed-Use Areas. Since 2001 he teaches and lectured at numerous schools and universities most prominently at Delft University of Technology and Technische Universität München.
From 2008 onwards he is appointed director of the Deltametropolis Association. The Deltametropolis Association is a members association that focuses on the development of the Randstad area, consists of the metropolitan area around the four major cities of the Netherlands. Members are government institutions, non-governmental pressure groups, companies and private persons.

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