Mr. Mart Grisel

INTA Member

Head EUKN Secretariat


Mr. Mart Grisel

Mart Grisel, NICIS Institute, The Netherlands

Mart Grisel is head of Nicis International, the international division of Nicis Institute, the Dutch urban research centre of excellence, and head of the secretariat of the European Urban Knowledge Network, EUKN, also based in The Hague. Mart is responsible for the international activities of Nicis Institute, including knowledge dissemination, research programming, short term research and international master classes. Mart has coordinated one of the research reports on which the Leipzig Charter for sustainable European cities was based, and is currently conducting a EU wide study aimed at establishing a reference framework for sustainable cities, commissioned by the current French Presidency of the European Council. Mart is a steering group member of URBAN-NET, a European project aiming at establishing  a European Research Area network in the field of urban sustainability. Mart has been one of the initiators of EUKN and has been responsible for managing this network since its interception in 2005. From 2004-2005, Mart has supported the Dutch EU Presidency in the field of urban policy. Before joining Nicis Institute, Mart was director of an internet communication firm.

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