Mr. Grzegorz Buczek

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Mr. Grzegorz Buczek

Grzegorz (Greg) Adam Buczek holds a M. Sc. in Architecture and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Urban Design and Regional Planning & Management. Mr. Buczek worked on high posts of the various structures of Municipalities of Warsaw, responsible for coordinating and planning of various plans, policies and strategic studies. Since 1983 he teaches on urban design and management at Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology. He is frequent expert of the legislative commissions of Polish Parliament. Since September 2006 he is Executive Secretary of the Advisory Council on Urban Planning and Architecture appointed by Minister of Construction and member of the advisory Council on Architecture and Development of Warsaw. In recent decade he has been involved in various assistance programs to Polish local governments such as USAID, Umbrella, PAUCI, Local Government Partnership Program and some co-operation with OECD and World Bank structures. He has an extensive design and planning experience in Poland and abroad [UK, FR Germany, Austria, Holland, USA]. Greg runs now his private planning and consulting practice (in partnership), working for both the public (including various local governments) and private entities (including foreign and Polish RE investors and developers). Co-founder and expert of European Property Institute [ www.ein-epi.ue ].

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