Mr. Brent Toderian

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City of Vancouver

Chief Planner


Mr. Brent Toderian

Brent Toderian was appointed Vancouver’s Director of City Planning in 2006, succeeding celebrated Co-Directors Larry Beasley and Dr. Ann McAfee. His broad mandate involves development and architectural approvals, including many projects related to the 2010 Winter Olympics, as well as city-wide and community visioning and policy, including leadership of the award-winning “EcoDensity” city-wide initiative and other initiatives key to achieving Vancouver’s goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020. Since assuming the Director’s role, Brent has been promoting a candid dialogue around bold new opportunities for sustainability, creativity, and architectural risk-taking.
Brent came to Vancouver from the City of Calgary, where as Manager of Centre City Planning + Design, he oversaw visioning, development and design in Calgary’s Downtown, Midtown and Beltline communities. Brent also created and was leading Calgary’s award-winning Centre City Plan, which took an unusually holistic approach to the future success of Centre City.
Brent previously spent 4 years championing a new tone for innovative inner-city and suburban neighbourhood design and integrated communities in Calgary as its Chief Subdivision Planner. For almost 10 years before that, Brent was an award-winning planning and design consultant based in Ontario, working for and with many municipalities, community groups and developers from Toronto to Yellowknife. Brent had a particular emphasis on downtown and inner-city planning and revitalization.
A passionate advocate for creative city-building, urban design and architecture, Brent speaks and writes globally on the subjects, has taught and lectured at numerous universities, has provided peer mentoring to many global cities, and is a co-founder and President of the Council for Canadian Urbanism while sitting on numerous other boards and groups related to cities. Called a “sophisticated urbanist” by the Vancouver Sun, and an “urban firecracker” by the Globe and Mail, Brent practices what he calls holistic urbanism in all aspects of his work.
In real life he’s an avid skier and loves anything in the outdoors (urban and natural), is passionate about all aspects of the arts, and is an avid traveler and student of cultures.

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