Mr. Charles Lin

INTA Member
National Chiao Tung University

Associate Professor


Mr. Charles Lin

Vice President of INTA

Charles Lin is associate professor with the Master degreed in Urban Planning/Urban Design and also an  architect-planner with research interests that span the policy context for delivering better living cities and statemarket relations in land and property development as well as the design and management of urban regeneration.  He has taken important positions in the official arena of Taiwan for the last two decades ranging from local  municipalities to the central government as office leader and/or Director-General of different authorities. In 20072008 he served as the Director-General of Construction Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, who was  responsible for national spatial planning, town and rural planning, new town development and urban regeneration  policy, housing policy as well as National Parks services. In 2002-2007 Charles hold two different posts of Director-General in Kaohsiung City Government including Public Works Bureau and Urban Development Bureau. During his official career in Kaohsiung City, he took a leading role in improving Kaohsiung city riverfront and harborfront redevelopment, speeding up construction and operation of sewerage systems and public amenity infrastructures, and promoting private investment in public infrastructure projects on PFI (Private Financial Initiatives) basis.

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