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Mr. Michel Hek

Ir. Michel Hek MSc is senior consultant at ECORYS Real Estate. He followed a combined study of Architecture and Real Estate & Housing at the Technical University of Delft (The Netherlands). He is specialized in the adaptive reuse and transformation of monumental and commercial real estate. From its knowledge on both the cost side (construction costs, ground values) and the turnover side (exploitations, optimizations) and the administrative context (legislation) he plays an important role in the implementation of the more complex inner area (re) development projects. He is also the author of the book “Herbestemmingswijzer: herbestemming of bestaand vastgoed” (Adaptive reuse of existing real estate) written together with the Technical University of Delft.

Some interesting projects he has done:
- Adaptive reuse of the former 4th Craft Industry School in Amsterdam to a multifuntional center called “Het Sieraad” (The Jewel).
- Restoration and Transformationplan for the Petrus and Paulus Cathedral at Pararamibo – Surinam - (the largest wooden Cathedral in the Southern hemisphere).
- Functional plan and process support plan for a new area development of the City Harbour Area in Rotterdam (part of the old port of Rotterdam transformed into an urban environment with a mixture of living, working and entertainment).
- Redevelopmentplan for the Dr. Neherlaboratorium, the former head laboratory of the Dutch multinational KPN, which is transformed into a health-living resort.

At present he conducts for the Dutch Government feasibility studies to the redevelopment of special projects such as the Noordsingel Prison (situated in the city Rotterdam) and the Tapijn Barracks (situated in the middle of the city Maastricht).

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