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Mr. Martijn Kanters

After receiving his Master's degree in International Economics & Economic Geography, Martijn started working in the Czech Republic in 2000 as real estate consultant for Kolpron. From 2002, he is specialized in Brownfield regeneration when he was assistant team leader of the Ostrava-Vítkovice Demonstration Regeneration Project. After having worked a short time as Deputy Director at Middle Europe Investments (MEI), Martijn became Head of Consulting & Research at DTZ in January 2007. DTZ C&R is now established as one of the leading advisers on real estate development in the Czech Republic and wider CEE, specialized in development strategies for large urban regeneration projects.

Recent work includes a strategy for the 1,600 ha RPG land portfolio in Moravia-Silesia, a regeneration strategy for the 123 ha former Tractorul site in Brasov and economic impact and feasibility of the Bubny site in Prague; the last 2 projects are among the largest urban development schemes in Europe today.

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