Mr. Toomas Sepp

INTA Member
Tallinn City Government

City Secretary


Mr. Toomas Sepp

Toomas Sepp, born in 1959 in Tartu, has worked as the administrative leader of Tallinn City Office since 1992 and has been actively involved in the process of administrative reform of local government in both in Estonia and Tallinn since then. Being graduated as a lawyer from Tartu State University, Mr Sepp started his public service career in the Ministry of Housing and Engineering of Estonia. Parallel to his present employment as a City Secretary of Tallinn, Mr Sepp has studied civil law and participated in a number of seminars on local government issues in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, U. K. and Canada.

As a City Secretary Mr Sepp is the highest civil servant in Administration of Tallinn and his responsibilities cover management of Tallinn City Office and coordination of City’s human resource development, IT, finance, strategic development policy and legal affairs. Mr Sepp is actively involved in local government training programmes, lecturing both at home and abroad on public administration reform and new ICT solutions incl implementing e-services in local governance.

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