Mrs. Françoise Le Lay

INTA Member

Chargée de communication, développement, économique


Mrs. Françoise Le Lay

Françoise Le Lay is in charge of projects within the Metropolitan Strategies and Innovation Directorate of Bordeaux Urban Community (CUB) / Bordeaux Metropole.

She headed the Bordeaux Métropole 3.0 forward study for the local territory and took part in implementation of the citizen participation phase organised around the project ("La Fabrique Métropolitaine") in 2010 and 2011.

This unprecedented process for the CUB resulted in the drawing up of a metropolitan project "5 Senses for Metropolitan Bordeaux" defining the strategic priorities for the Bordeaux metropolitan area through to 2030, a document that was passed by a vote of the elected members of the CUB at the end of 2011.

Today, Françoise Le Lay is conducting implementation of this metropolitan project through twelve priorities ("The 12 Metropolitan Labours") and by promoting new ways of doing things, embodied by the “Metropolitan Co-operative”, the goal of which is to mobilise and unite the stakeholders of the metropolitan area in all their variety around the key issues and projects of the territory.

Françoise Le Lay has a background in political science and public communication. She began her career in a local development body in the Bordeaux area, before joining the CUB in 1997.

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