Mr. Seymour Morsy

INTA Member
Conseil général du Val d’Oise

Directeur Général des services


Mr. Seymour Morsy

Seymour Morsy, civil servant, has a wealth of experience within state departments and with a large public company. He was the former Chief Executive of the County Council of Val d'Oise, (one of the 8 counties of the Paris Region).
His experience of over ten years in the Ministry of Interior in particular as a sub-prefect enabled him to acquire accurate knowledge of territories, public services and relations between the state and local governments. He also worked in various departments including the Department of Justice, giving him a transversal approach to public policy.
For almost three years, Seymour worked for RATP (State owned Paris public transport company) as Director of Development and Territorial Action, where he was in charge of relations with local authorities and large infrastructure projects in the Paris Region.

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